DowMarkets Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

DowMarkets Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

DowMarkets is a young successful cryptocurrency forex broker. It was founded by the international financial holding Prometheus LTD, which has been working for more than 10 years to create convenient and technological services for global financial markets. Forex broker site is popular among Europeans, but little known in the former CIS countries.

It is not easy for start-up brokerage companies to compete with those that everyone knows about; for this reason, they have to create a more favorable environment for traders. Forex broker DowMarkets also took advantage of this tactic on the way to becoming innovative, safe, and affordable for everyone.

The platforms have extensive functionality and an intuitive interface. In addition, they are equipped with a program with which you can apply ready-made strategies or create new ones.

DowMarkets Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

About the official website of the company

The DowMarket official site contains sections such as a market overview and calendar of economic events, which is always a good form and indicates the professionalism of the broker. Another advantage is the DowMarkets affiliate program, which involves accruing interest on your account from the client’s profit brought by you.

On its forex DowMarkets site, the broker publishes news, a calendar of economic news, market forex reviews, and strategies. Depending on the trading account, the broker provides traders with various privileges. Analytical and training materials, an introductory webinar on the platform, and an individual financial analyst are available on each account DowMarkets login.

Unfortunately, there are practically no Russian-language reviews about this broker on the network, due to the fact that it is very young and most popular abroad. We offer to find out why Forex is a scam or not.

Forex broker DowMarkets offers

Forex DowMarkets broker offers an easy-to-use platform with a friendly interface, for which no monthly fee is required. For beginning traders, he creates individual training programs and webinars.

There are few reviews on this broker on the Russian-speaking Internet. However, English-language comments are mostly positive. Let this brokerage company be called unworthy, and we can prove that DowMarkets cheat is not. Many traders focus on the fact that money is withdrawn very quickly. There are also reviews that sometimes network delays or system malfunctions occur, which are quickly resolved by the technical support service.

After you replenish the deposit for the first time, the broker credits you from 50% to 150% of bonuses on the account, depending on the type of account that you have chosen.

DowMarkets Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

Overview of forex broker accounts DowMarkets

Forex broker DowMarkets has 5 types of accounts:

  • Start. The minimum deposit for this account starts at $ 250. For this money, you will get access to analytical materials and training articles, as well as to a lesson familiarizing yourself with the platform. The bonus reaches 50%. Withdrawal of funds occurs according to standard rules.
  • Silver. A minimum deposit of $ 3.001. For this money, you will receive analytical articles and training materials, a lesson in getting to know the platform, and personal analytics—bonus – up to 100%.
  • Gold. The minimum deposit is $ 10,000. Withdrawal of funds accelerated. The privileges are the same as the previous account, + analysis of your trading plan and strategy.
  • Platinum and VIP accounts provide access to all the advantages of a broker and unique trading tools. The minimum deposit for these accounts is $ 50.001 and $ 100.001, respectively.
DowMarkets Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

Real DowMarkets customer reviews of DowMarkets

In response to comments with the content of “DowMarkets fraud” reviews of real successful traders:

  • I have been working through them for a long time. A good section of analytics on the site – often helps out, as an available tool already. At first I listened to their courses, but now it’s useless. Yes, and really not enough time. And so there is something interesting to see. I am not conservative in trading, and alas, many brokers prohibit this approach, explicitly or “interfere” with earning. In DowMarkets I can make money on the news, no one forbids, I can open transactions in less than 15 minutes. These are my problems, if I lose money – and I like this company policy: if you can earn, earn, no, don’t make claims. It would be auto-output, it would be really cool.
  • He started working at DowMarkets since January 2020. I am new to the Forex market. Analysts and mentors identified me as Nelly ***. With the withdrawal of funds, problems, and specific ones. In December, I deposited $ 400, I immediately deposited into my account from my card. The company gave me a $ 100 bonus. The analyst contacted me brought me to the XCritical platform, briefly explained how to open and close a deal. She showed live how everything is done. In the first week, sometimes she worked with me, and once after a loss-making transaction, I made up for the loss. My balance at the beginning of February 2020 was about 800 bucks. Then I went to “free swimming”. Today, my balance of $ 1900 on the platform Meta Trader 4.


Summing up, we can highlight the main advantages of a broker:

  • Forex broker DowMarkets – a broker who has appeared on the network recently, he offers more profitable conditions for trading cryptocurrency in modern highly functional Metatrader 4 and XCritical terminals.
  • The founder of DowMarkets is the international financial holding Prometheus Ltd, which develops services for financial markets.
  • Forex broker DowMarkets provides a welcome bonus to each new user. The size of bonus accruals – 50% -150% of the deposit amount, depends on the account you opened.

You can not worry about the security of login as the data of broker’s clients is very carefully protected.