A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance

A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance

Review A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance 



Engaging through its light-hearted language, “A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance” is an easy guide that lets its readers in on the basics of financial management. The material employs personal stories as a point of attack. After the story is told, the author supplants it with practical advice.

The book does not impose that one is good at math so that the reader would be able to master the fundamental financial concepts that are discussed. The author, Nanette Joey Beech, does good by narrating relatable everyday life experiences so as to highlight key financial concepts. 

The book is personal in tone but professional in its conduct of advice-giving. The narrative brings to the table her experience as both a daughter and a mother, two personas who had experienced costly mistakes but was able to rise above it all.

About the Author

Living in a financially-functional life, Ms. Nanette Joell Beech, or simply Joey, holds a Business Education Degree from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. She has been in the industry for 25 years.

Table of Contents

The book is divided into 4 segments:

Section 1: Money Isn’t Everything

Section 2: Keeping What You Earn

Section 3: Make Your Money Grow

Section 4: Tidbits and Resources