Beyond Technical Analysis: How to Develop and Implement a Winning Trading System

Beyond Technical Analysis: How to Develop and Implement a Winning Trading System


Beyond Technical Analysis came to be the industry’s leading classic when it comes to providing education helpful in high-science trading system development and evaluation. Now in its second edition, this technical analysis guide is updated and revised to implement more intensive learning in order to create a trading structure flexible enough to fit the current market landscape. 

In trading, one of the key elements that guarantee success is the trading system. Though the market is flocked with an automated and canned trading system that anyone can purchase, nothing beats a personalized system that an individual designed, developed, and tested to cater to his or her own trading needs. A high-tier combination of strategies, timeless principles, and trading practicalities, are all wrapped and comprehensively presented from cover to cover of this book. This edition is substantial enough to carry out discussions on the development and implementation of the trading system, all while linking trading theories into practice. 

A read-through will allow readers to acquire knowledge in specific areas, including:

  • How to determine exit and entry points parallel to trading principles
  • How to avoid common mistakes and in system evaluation and mockups 
  • Trading systems programming using commercial software
  • The precise interpretation of system results
  • How to develop trading strategies capable of exponential profits
  • Overall risk management
  • Utilization of sports psychology to manage stress


Tushar S. Chande came into popularity after the publication of his best-selling trading system development guide titled “Beyond Technical Analysis.” Presently, he holds nine United States patents after he developed high-working lasers and optical fibers for manufacturing and production problems. He works as an editor at a journal called Technical Analysis of Stocks &Commodities magazine. In addition to this, he earned a license as a commodity trading advisor and led the editorship and publication of The New Technical Trader.  



  • Chapter I- Developing and Implementing Trading Systems
  • Chapter II- Principles of Trading System Design
  • Chapter III- Foundations of System Design
  • Chapter IV- Developing New Trading Systems
  • Chapter V- Developing Trading System Variations
  • Chapter VI- Equity Curve Analysis
  • Chapter VII- Ideas for Money Management
  • Chapter VIII- Data Scrambling
  • Chapter IX- A System for Trading

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