Capital Markets and Investments

Capital Markets and Investments

This book gives its readers a clear introduction to the capital markets. The language of the book gives readers a good grasp of the complex financial system and structure. The in-depth coverage of the book makes this an effective supplemental resource material to the already available references about capital markets. 

What this book has to offer is its distinct way of presenting a fusion of theories about capital markets and their practical insights. 


The book’s readability allows both students and practitioners to comprehend the financial realm with ease. What makes this book a stand out is it’s featuring of finance concepts not usually covered in other books. Finance professionals can turn this material as a refresher and quick learning resource, as this book does not present detailed explanations of concepts. At the same time, this material used a plethora of finance jargon to provide readers ample understanding of the industry at large.

About the Author

Capital Markets and Investments was penned by Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh Dastidar, who is a professor at Columbia University. His rich experience in the industry of financial services has made him earn accolades over the years, including being a consultant of different financial institutions on portfolio construction, management, and other budgeting issues. 

Currently, he is a risk manager in Bridge Capital. Dastidar earned his Ph.D. in Finance & Economics from Columbia Business School in New York. 

Table of Contents

This book is a good grab for both finance students and practitioners as it covers the following topics:

  • The Financial System – Introduction 

Key Players on the Financial System

Specialization within the financial system

Principles of pricing financial instruments

  • Major Asset Classes and Markets

Major Types of Instruments

Major Asset Classes

Connections between different markets

  • The Anatomy of the Sell Side

Structure of a Bulge Bracket Sell-side Firm

Basic Market Microstructure

  • Overview of Buy Side Firms

Investment Styles

Investment Product offerings

Capital Owners

Working at a buy-side firm

  • Indices, Benchmarking, Risk Models and Performance Evaluation

Benchmark Indices vs. Strategy Indices

Index Mechanics and Terminology

Measuring Risk – Risk Models

Performance Evaluation

  • Factors Affecting Treasury Bond Prices

Reviewing Bond Price-Yield Relationship

Choosing Between Bonds

Quantifying Interest Rate Risk in Treasuries

Hedging Interest Rate Risk