Financial Literacy for Millennials

Financial Literacy for Millennials

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Financial Literacy for Millennials is dubbed as a modern primer that comprehensively administers education when it comes to financial consumerism and personal money management. This was written to appeal to ages 15 up to 30 and can be utilized as an introductory tool for high school or young adults that have an interest in personal finance. 

It is only very recently that individuals were brought to this emerging awareness that finance is of high importance, and the education of such must be implemented on a national scale. To be fully guided and to see effective results, education must be administered at an early age. Through practical insights and professional advice, aspects of personal finance and money management are carried out in a comprehensive manner making this book an ideal resource for millennials who desire to begin their financial lives on a good foot. 

This guidebook discusses and updates conventional personal finance concepts, including how to’s in budgeting, investing, savings, credit, debt, and what lies deeper than these fundamentals. All are imperative for one to arrive at wise decision-making crucial for career, business, and overall financial activities. In addition to this, tax system backgrounders, steps on how to avoid the dreaded bankruptcy, legal issues, and government benefits are presented and thoroughly discussed to impart the most fundamental learning in the field of personal finance. 

About the Author

Andrew O. Smith MBA, JD works as a trustee, a seasoned financial professional and advisor, and a licensed attorney. He endeavors in managing insurance trusts, limited-liability corporations, trust funds, estates, investment partnerships, real estate partnerships, and individuals. 

Table of Contents 


Prologue: A Tale of Two Teens

Chapter 1- Financial Planning

Chapter 2- Careers 

Chapter 3- Business and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 4- Savings and Banking

Chapter 5- Budgeting and Spending

Chapter 6- Credit and Debt 

Chapter 7- Bankruptcy 

Chapter 8- Investments 

Chapter 9- Avoiding Financial Scams 

Chapter 10- Insurance 

Chapter 11- Taxes 

Chapter 12- Government Benefits 

Chapter 13- Legal Issues

Chapter 14- Growing Older 

Appendix 1- Website Content 

Appendix 2- Takeaway Tips 

Appendix 3- Curriculum Planning