Keys To Heaven’s Economy

Keys To Heaven’s Economy

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This book is the narrative of how God seemingly introduced a heavenly messenger to Shawn Bolz to impart knowledge about finance on earth. This messenger, whom Bolz named as His Minister of Finance, tells Bolz the right practices and approach to managing finances, all according to what the One desires. 

Bolz has a unique approach to imparting knowledge about finance under the guidance of religiousness to his followers. The persona in the book, a heavenly messenger whom Bolz called His Minister of Finance, imparts knowledge to Bolz about how the One wanted this generation to bring back what he gave to them. Bolz’s writing is original and funny, with a hint of wit in each sentence. He attempts to help people understand the roles of wealth and money in the kingdom, without the fuss or religious stuff. Overall, Bolz’s original and funny writing differs this book from other financial books out there. This book is for people who want to understand the nature of finance and religion together.

About the Author

SHAWN BOLZ is the author of many best-selling books, all of which contain a similar theme, which is religiousness. He is a minister for the past twenty-seven years and a known guest and Television host on various shows. He is a board member and the representative of The Justice Group in Los Angeles, California.

Table of Contents



Chapter One: Restoring Desolate Inheritances

Chapter Two: Discovering My Inheritances

Chapter Three: First Visitation

Chapter Four: The Open Heaven

Chapter Five: Second Visitation

Chapter Six: The Economy of Heaven

Chapter Seven: The Justice of Heaven

Chapter Eight: The Treasury of God

Chapter Nine: The Double-Portion Anointing

Chapter Ten: Extravagant Giving

Chapter Eleven: The Doorway of Favor

About the Author