Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading


World-renowned market professional Larry Williams initially introduced the book Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading back in 1999 with a core intention of delivering crucial knowledge for trading. As years passed by, financial markets had shifted and took several forms as the majority of market-goers were committed to the activity. These traders remained faithful with an eye focused intently on one single objective, to achieve a successful life using profitable short-term trading. 

As markets are dynamic, Williams released a second edition complete with revision and update written mainly to facilitate the needs of new generation investors. This supplementary guide was designed to carry out learning for investors to grasp new market developments fully and how to maximize those to their full potential. With complexities innate in the market, the rewards that trading entails are unprecedented. Due to this structure, Williams produced a comprehensive framework that investors and traders may utilize for guaranteed profitability with the main focus on advantages and downsides. 

Going deeper into the framework, readers may acquire insights and knowledge on topics including:

  • Chaos, profit patterns, speculation, and volatility breakouts. 
  • Financial market movement, cyclical patterns, and know-hows on trade placements
  • In-depth evaluation and analysis of the industry’s most viable short-term trading strategies, together with the author’s technical indicators that led him to success


Larry R. Williams authored eleven books, which royalties and profits are redirected to Max Wales scholarship at the University of Oregon. Max Wales played a crucial role in Larry’s life, and scholarship support became his way of acknowledging the legacy of his professor. The allocated budget goes straight to the School of Journalism. Recently, he published a new book titled “Confessions of a Tax Rebel.” Mainly from demands of Wiley that the second edition of his “Long-Term Secrets of Short-Term Trading” was published.



Introduction- You Are Already A commodity Trader

  • CHAPTER 1- Making order Out of Short-Term Chaos
  • CHAPTER 2- It’s a Question of Price and Time
  • CHAPTER 3- The Real Secret to Short-Term Trading
  • CHAPTER 4- Volatility Breakouts- The Momentum Breakthrough
  • CHAPTER 5- The Theory of Short-Term Trading 
  • CHAPTER 7- Patterns to Profit 
  • CHAPTER 8- Separating the Buyers from the Sellers 
  • CHAPTER 9- Short-Term Trading from a Quote Screen
  • CHAPTER 10- Special Short-Term Situations 
  • CHAPTER 11- When to Get Out of Your Trades
  • CHAPTER 12- Thoughts on the Business of Speculation
  • CHAPTER 13- Money Management- The Keys to the Kingdom
  • CHAPTER 14- From Kennedy to Obama, Thoughts from 50 years of Trading
  • CHAPTER 15- Just What Does Make the Stock Market Rally?
  • CHAPTER 16- Hard Facts about a Very Hard Game to Win