Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions

Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions

Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions


Make the Deal was written mainly as a guide for M&A negotiations, a framework for people who wants to venture into such practice. This was written concerning negotiations’ characteristic of taking several and frequently unpredictable legal shapes. In this book, the author intellectually curated the concept of finance, business, and law to present the process of M&A comprehensively. This thoroughly discusses the impacts of legal conditions on the economy through an emphasis on business strategies, economic consequences of terms, and their overall interconnectivity. 

To be an instrument for business people, lawyers, and people who want to pursue this kind of undertaking, Make the Deal presents a collection of deal terminology, all while discussing how a specific term is associated with the other. More so, it teaches proper ways of negotiations and secrets on how to ace a deal. Real accounts magnify the complex process of negotiations as they highlight the idea of an indefinite answer. More so, figures and contracts presented project the reality of the M&A landscape.

  • Learn how M&A contract terminologies sway the overall economic outcome
  • Evaluate strategies employed in negotiations
  • Design a framework compatible with the preferred business strategy
  • Detect the trends that press in real-life scenarios. 


Make the Deal was written by Christopher S. Harrison, Chief Investment Officer of the Falconwood Corporation. Harrison is also a core associate in Schulte Roth & Zabel, the world’s leading investment firm. With his credentials, he participated in multiple negotiations and administered strategies for several management firms. Overall, he has previous records of successful negotiations related to high-profile debt, high volumes of equity, and M&A. 

In 2016, Harrison introduced legal solutions and services provider named Sterlington, P.C, and is currently operated by 20 employees to support customers’ demands. Also, he is a professor at NYU School of Law with a focus on negotiations and financial transactions, all while conducting talks for online forums and web seminars.