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Market Wizards Series

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This four-part series is a compilation of some of the best traders in America and how they managed to become successful in trading. It involves interviews and monologues of the top traders, each tackling the measures and experiences they encountered to be successful. These financial experts share real-life experiences in the market, whether gains or losses, and how these experiences paved the way for better learning of how the market works. This is one of the most insightful finance and trading books in the market. 

This series compiles all the experiences of the top investors in America and the trading decisions they made to be on top. One of the great things about the book is that it not only tells the readers the successful steps to take in trading but also the things to avoid. With the stories of both gains and losses from these financial experts, a reader and an amateur trader will become aware of the fact that success is possible after failure, and that investors can bounce back from time to time. 

This is one of the most relevant books on trading in the market as it serves as an inspiration for traders to know that success is possible despite encountering failure. The financial experts also share their principles and styles in trading to help amateur traders start somewhere. The book highly recommended for beginning traders and professionals alike, as this book is beneficial to all traders. 

About the Author

JACK SCHWAGER is managing director and principal of The Fortune Group, which is an alternative asset management firm. He is the Senior Portfolio Manager of Fortune’s Market Wizards series. He has twenty-two years of experience as director of futures research for a number of firms in Wall Street and has ten years of experience as co-principal of a commodity trading advisory firm. 

Table of Contents

Author’s Note to the Paperback Edition


Prologue: An Inauspicious Beginning

Stuart Walton: 

Back from the Abyss

Steve Galante: 

Against the Current

Mark D. Cook: 

Harvesting S&P Profits

Alphonse “Buddy” Fletcher Jr.: 

Win-Win Investing

Ahmet Okumus:

From Istanbul to Wall Street Bull

Mark Minervini:

Stock Around the Clock

Steve Lescarbeau:

The Ultimate Trading System

Michael Masters:

Swimming Through the Markets

John Bender:

Questioning the Obvious

David Shaw: 

The Quantitative Edge

Steve Cohen:

The Trading Room

Ari Kiev M.D.:

The Mind of a Winner

Wizard Lessons

Appendix: Options—Understanding the Basics