MaxiTrade app: download, read trader reviews


MaxiTrade broker has many advantages. One of them is a convenient mobile platform. This company uses the XCritical application. This software has unique features. Trading forex becomes more comfortable.

Maxitrade app: basic features

The key advantage of maxitrade is the intuitive interface, which does not distract the user and allows you to focus on trading. The platform has a convenient division of features, which greatly accelerates forex trading. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store without any problems.

MaxiTrade app: download, read trader reviews

Maxitrade app can be used on any mobile device. If your device is running on Android, go to Google Play, find the program by searching and click the “Download” button. In the App Store, the whole process looks the same. Installing the Maxitrade app on iOS devices will also not cause any problems. The application allows you to:

  • tracking financial asset quotations and carrying out technical analyses;
  • opening/closing a transaction;
  • setting trade orders;
  • replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of funds.

The Maxitrade app has all the necessary features to trade. Install the app on your device and see for yourself.

Maxitrade app: traders’ reviews

Maxitrade’s Forex trading app has already been appreciated by many users. Traders’ reviews suggest that the software is reliable and convenient. Read some of them below.

“I have long been interested in forex trading. I have worked with various brokers, but only MaxiTrade has a really convenient application for mobile devices. For me, this is important because I mainly use a tablet. The application first of all I liked because of the simple and intuitive interface. It also has enough functionality to trade effectively. I recommend the Maxitrade app to everyone. It’s a really fast and reliable trading platform.”

Jakub, 32 years old, Gdansk

“I got used to trading with MetaTrader 4. This platform completely suits me. However, when I start using it on my mobile device, problems begin. The app is too big and inconvenient to use on my smartphone. That’s why I decided to try the Maxitrade app. I was pleased with its functionality and speed of work. The application has all the necessary features to trade with mobile devices. There is nothing superfluous. In addition, it works stable and fast enough.”

Jan, 26 years old, Cracow