Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together BY RACHEL RICHARDS

Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together BY RACHEL RICHARDS

About the book

In this book, former financial advisor Rachel Richards teaches a concept every adult dreads: money management. She combines wit and sass to teach every young adult the necessary steps to personal finance and subsequently become financially independent. 

Richards shows instructional advice to young adults to manage their expenses better, including nuggets such as how to increase income, cut expenses, create personal savings, invest in a retirement fund, learn to trade, invest in the stock market, and more. Overall, she teaches every young person going into adulthood to get their financial $hit together.


This book has a strong appeal to young adults who can relate to the struggles of money management and becoming financially independent. This book was written with wit and sass and intently captivated the young adult audience because the author knows what a young adult feels in financial management. Richards has experienced becoming an entrepreneur and financially independent at a young age, which is why she wants to share these tips with other struggling adults.

This book is a simple guide that Richards put together in her experience and knowledge of finance and personal financial management. She also includes tips on how to grow income, such as investing in the stock market, which proves to be fruitful. 

About the Author

Rachel Richards is a business owner, author, investor, and former financial advisor. She graduated from Centre College with a degree in Financial Economics. She began investing in stocks at eighteen and learned about money management at a young age. She is a natural at being a financial advisor, as she loves helping clients manage their finances and share tips to them, such as investing in stocks and paying off debt. 

Table of Contents


  1. Hello, It’s Me


  1. Bada$$ Budgeting
  2. Savings: Anotha Day Anotha Dolla


  1. There is No Good Debt. Only Tolerable Debt.
  2. Credit Score: a GPA For Your Finances
  3. Student Debt—Fannie Mae, Go Away
  4. Credit Cards—Friend or Foe?
  5. Debt—A Smorgasbord


  1. Say Hello to Stocks and Bonds
  2. Mutual Funds, Index Funds, & Which One is Your New Best Friend
  3. Four Golden Rules for Investing
  4. The Art of Investing
  5. How to Make Your First Trade Like a Boss
  6. Retirement—A New Definition 


  1. Taxes Don’t Have to be Taxing
  2. Don’t Be Stupid; Be Insured


  1. The Money Honey Plan: 7 Simple Steps
  2. The Money Honey Plan in Action
  3. Get Started Now—What to Expect
  4. Dear Rachel Advice Column