Narrative and Numbers: The Value of Stories in Business

Narrative and Numbers: The Value of Stories in Business

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Narrative and Numbers is a unique offering in the finance books as it deals with pointing out the power of incorporating narratives around numbers to impact a company’s story. Aswath Damodaran, a finance personality and investor, claims that combining narratives and numbers can be a powerful tool to propel a company to success. Peppered with case studies, the book teaches readers how narratives add value to the company’s story, citing cases of big tech firms. 

This book gives an account of the advantages, issues, and setbacks of building narratives and numbers of a company that proves significant to its growth and valuation.  Learn more about building a company’s valuation through narratives and apply it to your startup or existing business entity.

About the Author

Aswath Damodaran is a professor of finance at Stern School of Business at New York University. He has authored several finance books, including Investment Valuation: Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset, The Little Book of Valuation: How To Value a Company, and Narrative and Numbers: The Value of Stories in Business.

Table of Contents

The book presents the following topics:

1 A Tale of Two Tribes

2 Tell Me a Story

3 The Elements of Storytelling

4 The Power of Numbers

5 Number-Crunching Tools

6 Building a Narrative

7 Test-Driving a Narrative

8 From Narratives to Numbers

9 Numbers to Value

10 Improving and Modifying Your Narrative – The Feedback Loop

11 Narrative Alterations – The Real World Intrudes

12 News and Narratives

13 Go Big – The Macro Story

14 The Corporate Life Cycle

15 The Managerial Challenge

16 The Endgame