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Switchboard Live Is The Easiest Way To Multistream Live Video To Social Media Channels And Streaming Platforms Simultaneously


It should be crazy-easy for people to find and access your live streaming content in a variety of ways, including mobile platforms and over-the-top applications. The best live video content is also enhanced with relevant, immersive features. The other thing you’ll want to do after your virtual event is check your video analytics. That way, you can use these insights to improve your content and make each live stream even better than the last.

Finally, you don’t need your live video stream to look perfect, but you should still aim for a presentable setup. More specifically, check for decent lighting, a clean background, and a relatively quiet space to record in. Make sure to hype your live announcement in advance so that your audience knows something big is coming and can make plans to tune in. Invite people to join your live broadcast by posting about it on your website and sending information out to your mailing list, as well as sharing about it on your social media channels.

Note: The Streaming World Advances Quickly To Get The Latest And Most Up To Date Information, Get A Demo

HBO Max and Peacock were the most obvious shiny new objects, with both debuting to much anticipation. The now-defunct Quibi didn’t show up in our polling because, well, it was Quibi. The Morning Show (Apple TV+) was supposed to mark Apple TV+’s grand entrance into the streaming TV wars . The newsroom drama’s cast ate most of the $15 million per episode, as did the series’s TV news sets.

Check out how to live stream with Vimeo every Tuesday during our Weekly Demo. Let’s recap some of the pros and cons of the bigger players in the professional live streaming space. Facebook made the announcement in early September of 2019 that you are able to stream to multiple destinations including Facebook channels/pages/groups at the same time. Even though Switchboard Live complied with this rule in the past, you have no worries multistreaming to all the destinations that you need to moving forward. Embed your livestream on your website for simple and easy access for your audience.

Moreover, users can cast live streams to Chromecast, Roku, or Apple TV. Content can also be created with GoPro Hero cameras for active recordings. So whether you’re a brand hosting a global event or a creator sharing a new product, Youtube Live makes it easy and offers the critical feedback needed to scale thanks to in-depth analytics. Instagram Live allows you to save your live streams to repost on your feed. From entertainment staples like Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on down to your favorite brands, DJ’s and creators, live streaming is neither too big nor too small for anyone. There has never been a better time to dive headfirst into the exciting world of live streaming.

  • Thus, since 2014, ESPN has been covering the League of Legends international tournament.
  • There’s also an ad-supported HBO Max tier for $9.99 a month, but it excludes the same-day theatrical Warner Bros. movie releases and sticks you with commercial breaks.
  • Thus, live video streaming on LinkedIn is a surefire way to tap into an extensive network of active professionals and increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Considering the monopoly that other Esports streaming platforms have over many gaming influencers, Caffeine made a surprising yet wise decision to include artists.
  • Most recently, LinkedIn launched live streaming on its platform, too, so businesses and professionals can reach their network in new and engaging ways.
  • There are hundreds of on-demand streaming services, both free and paid, available in your respective device’s app stores—if we listed them all, you’d be scrolling for days .

Today, Vimeo has multiple solutions to help businesses get what they need with video, no matter the strategy or infrastructure. If you’re using video for internal business communications, such as live town halls, all-hands, remote onboarding or trainings, it’s essential that your chosen video platform will keep your content secure. If you’re leveraging video as an effective marketing tool, you’ll want to make sure you’re delivering content where and how you want, within your company’s brand experience. Facebook lets Page admins and editors pin posts to the top of the page, which can be a good way to ensure that visitors to your Page will see them, no matter when they arrive. Pin your live video to the top of your Page’s News Feed to get more traction while you broadcast.

So in using Storm, you can expect your data to be processed quickly on a platform that’s easy to set up and use, no matter what programming language you prefer. Another feature that Flink is known for is fault tolerance, meaning system failure won’t affect the whole cluster. It’s also designed to run in any cluster environment while completing computations, making it a reliable, fast solution that happens to scale easily as needed. The addition of exactly-once semantics and the presence of predefined operators can help with real-time processing on this platform. Besides, CSGO betting and Dota 2 betting sites typically offer everchanging Esports odds amidst an ongoing match and Esports news, so that you can keep up to date and make the best decisions regarding your bets.

Esports Streaming Platforms: Where Can You Watch Esports Online?

Periscope also allows its users to take audio call-ins that quickly turn your live into a makeshift talk show. More than that, Twitch provides extremely fast live streaming for a premium user experience. The latter is important to indicate that gaming plays a large role in Twitch’s success. Gaming is the primary reason Twitch’s increase in hours watched jumped 83% year-over-year since 2018. Researching live streaming platforms can be overwhelming, as there are many factors to keep in mind when searching for the best solution for you or your organization . Among our five best live streaming platforms on a budget, UStream is clearly the most expensive option.

If you don’t mind ads, Pluto TV offers a ridiculous amount of free programming, with much of it also available on demand. That means live access to CBS Sports, CBS News, and CBS shows like Survivor, NCIS, and Young Sheldon. You can also attempt to keep up with Stephen Colbert’s nightly political takedowns on The Late Show, though we wouldn’t recommend it—it’s exhausting. HBO Max’s biggest differentiator from HBO, however, is its exclusive catalog of classic shows produced by its parent company, WarnerMedia. You’ve probably heard that all 10 seasons of Friends now stream only on HBO Max; the same holds true for The Big Bang Theory, South Park, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Even though ESPN+ lacks in NFL and NBA coverage—ESPN certainly isn’t going to give those up—it’s still a killer sports streamer.

This is why you have to go to specific esports streaming options if you want to watch, for example, ESL One tournaments back in 2019, when they partnered with Facebook Gaming. While Twitch’s impulse has given birth to a whole legion of online esports streaming platforms, it is still a behemoth among Esports streaming platforms, period. For it is the number one go-to platform that has brought the best live esports tournaments to millions of people around the world. Now that you have an understanding of the live streaming market, you’ll need to determine what your brand or organization needs to get out of a live streaming platform.

What are examples of streaming platforms?

For example, think of things like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vimeo, and Sundance Now. And while these may not be in the same league as, say, a YouTube, by this explanation, websites like Facebook, Instagram, Crackle, and Internet Archive are also examples of streaming platforms.

These days, Esports streaming isn’t just about latency, but most provide a refreshing take on interactive esports streaming as an entertainment medium. Take Twitch’s esports streaming experience for instance, where it has a versatile console-based chat feature for viewers to feel a sense of inclusion as a community. Even the best streaming service can’t produce the best streaming shows by simply backing money trucks up to the studio.

And like many of the best real-time streaming platforms these days, it’s fast, ensuring big data gets processed within milliseconds. This is probably the newest esports streaming platform that is growing in the Esports streaming market. Led by two former Apple designers, it secured investments of over $40 million and has inked digital contracts with Riot Games’ League of Legends Championship Series back in 2019. Broadcasting live content to your network in real-time is the leverage you need to tap into your audience. Users share content planning, tips to start the day or week, and also to dish on marketing strategy regarding products and services. What’s more, streaming is only possible on a platform-by-platform basis.

Facebook Live

Meaning, you don’t need cable to watch the latest episodes of What We Do in the Shadows or Mayans . Hulu’s original content is also a strong selling point, with series like The Handmaid’s Tale, Letterkenny, and Shrill, and movies and documentaries like Palm Springs, McCartney 3,2,1, and Boss Level. It may not have the sheer content quantity of Netflix or Prime Video, but the critical acclaim over Hulu’s quality output is consistent year-to-year. We’ve given you a high-level rundown of the best streaming services, now let’s dig in a little deeper on why we recommend these on-demand streaming services. has reviewed and ranked the top live streamers, including YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV, in our Best Live TV Streaming Services guide.

switchboard live is the easiest way to multistream live video to social media channels and streaming platforms simultaneously

House of Cards was one of streaming TV’s earliest original hits, debuting way back in 2013 and wrapping up in 2018. It’s also the least expensive series on our list, costing just $6 million per episode—probably because they didn’t have to pay Kevin Spacey for the final season. Let’s take a closer look at these high-dollar shows from some of the top streaming TV services. In the meantime, has compiled a list of the 10 most expensive streaming shows to date, then cross-referenced them with audience and critical ratings (which aren’t always the same). If only we could time travel ahead a few years to assess Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings adaptation series, which reportedly will cost $1 billion to make (approximately $100 million per episode).

switchboard live is the easiest way to multistream live video to social media channels and streaming platforms simultaneously

Streaming app Tubi is an unassuming little powerhouse that blows away both Netflix and Prime Video in terms of sheer content. Besides Discovery’s networks, Discovery+ also features content from A&E, Lifetime, HISTORY, and animal-centric digital media brand The Dodo. The latest episodes and seasons of your favorite shows are still on cable , not Discovery+. The latest 90 Day Fiance episodes aren’t available here, but several 90 Day spinoffs are; the same goes for Property Brothers and other network hits.

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn requires that users submit a request to become a live broadcaster, so make sure you plan for this in advance. Criteria for approval to go live includes having enough followers and posting original content on the platform regularly. You’ll also need to download and install a third-party tool for your stream, as LinkedIn doesn’t currently offer a native solution. Endeavor’s streaming platform is geared to deliver high-quality video to transform the end-user experience.

switchboard live is the easiest way to multistream live video to social media channels and streaming platforms simultaneously

Both more important and more accessible than it’s ever been, live streaming is very quickly approaching its golden era – and you need to get involved. List of platforms we separate from the overall tournaments statistics due to our own viewership coefficient calculation algorithms (for example – broadcast rating in China). Also, the list includes some platforms that don’t display the amount of viewers and don’t provide data for analytics. What we can say, though, is that Vimeo has been an industry leader in supporting people to do more with video for nearly 15 years. Vimeo Enterprise is the best end-to-end solution, for both live and on-demand video, to support businesses of all sizes.

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