Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard

Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard

Review Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard: How to Achieve Super Performance in Stocks in Any Market



Investors on the look for a handbook that will help them achieve super performance in stocks in any market, watch out for Minervini’s Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard.

In this ultimate investor’s guide, Mark Minervini unveils his tried and tested trading system that enabled him to be a successful trader. Particularly, Minervini introduces the SEPA system, his trademark trading method, that gave him whopping investment return figures. Gain insightful knowledge on improving your trading performance and apply his winning system to your trade bets to achieve super-performance trade results.

About the Author

Mark Minervini is a known successful stock trader in America. He is a Wall Street veteran trader, trading in the last thirty years. Minervini created an online platform to share his SEPA system of trading available to those who would want to adapt the system by becoming an exclusive member of Minervini Private Access. 

Table of Contents

The book contains the following topics:


Chapter 1: An Introduction Worth Reading

Chapter 2: What You Need to Know First

Chapter 3: Specific Entry Point Analysis: The SEPA Strategy

Chapter 4: Value Comes at a Price

Chapter 5: Trading with the Trend

Chapter 6: Categories, Industry Groups, and Catalysts

Chapter 7: Fundamentals to Focus On

Chapter 8: Assessing Earnings Quality

Chapter 9: Follow the Leaders

Chapter 10: A Picture Is Worth a Million Dollars

Chapter 11: Don’t Just Buy What You Know

Chapter 12: Risk Management Part 1: The Nature of Risk

Chapter 13: Risk Management Part 2: How To Deal With and Control Risk