Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom


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Beginning traders looking for trading advice and practical tips can get it all in one reading. Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom is a guide to the rocky road of trading and the volatile market environment. This book also features exclusive interviews with world-class traders and up-to-date charts and tools.

Reading this book, traders are treated with insightful trading advice and fresh ideas to help them develop their own market approach and strategies in trading. Satisfy your hunger in trading knowledge and trade your way to success by reading Tharp’s liberating trading ideas.

About the Author

Van Tharp is the founder of the Van Tharp Institute, whose vision is to transform mere traders into super traders. He authored several bestseller books on investing and trading. He is also a known coach to traders and investors and an international consultant. He was invited by numerous trading companies, banks, and financial institutions overseas. He was also featured in several publications, including Investors Business Daily.

Table of Contents

The book is divided into four parts and contains the following chapters:

Part One The Most Important Factor In Your Success: You!

Chapter 1 The Legend of the Holy Grail

Chapter 2 Judgmental Biases: Why Mastering the Markets Is So Difficult for Most People

Chapter 3 Setting Your Objectives

Part Two Conceptualizing Your System

Chapter 4 Steps To Developing a System

Chapter 5 Selecting a Concept That Works

Chapter 6 Trading Strategies That Fit the Big Picture

Chapter 7 Six Keys to a Great Trading System

Part Three Understanding The Key Parts Of Your System

Chapter 8 Using Setups to Jumpstart Your System

Chapter 9 Entry or Marketing Timing

Chapter 10 Knowing When To Fold ‘Em: How to Protect Your Capital

Chapter 11 How to Take Profits

Part Four Putting It All Together

Chapter 12 There’s Money for Everyone

Chapter 13 Evaluating Your System

Chapter 14 Position Sizing – the Key to Meeting Your Objectives

Chapter 15 Conclusion

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