Traders of the New Era

Traders of the New Era

Review Traders of the New Era: Interviews with a Select Group of Day and Swing Traders Who are Still Beating the Markets in the Era of High Frequency Trading and Flash Crashes



Much like the assets that are traded in the market, traders rise and fall. And more often than not, a trader’s failures are overwhelming. 

The book “Traders of the New Era Expanded” raises that this had come to be true, especially right after the advent of what is called the “High-Frequency Trading” and electronic markets. However, the pertinent question persists: what exactly are the most important characteristics that a trader should possess?

The material goes into a lengthy discussion of these traits and cites examples when needed. The author, Fernando Oliveira, had done well by taking a number of interviews from industry movers and experts and assessing their experiences in order to build a helpful guide.

Readers agree that the book, “Traders of the New Era” illustrates practical methods for those who have had experience with Day Trading. And while it received a negative review, a fact of the matter is, such lens belongs to those who lack inexperience. This is not saying that the book caters only to a specific avenue in trading, what it says is that the book effectively recognizes a cornerstone in trading and enriches the discussion.

The book is a must-have for those who have delved in Day Trading and those who are interested in trying their hands on it.

About the Author

The book, “Traders of the New Era,” is Fernando Oliveira’s only book that is up for sale online. The author still expects much.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Joel Elconin


  • Chapter 1- The Fundamentals of High Frequency Trading
  • Chapter 2- Gregg Siabicca: The Home Run Swing Trader
  • Chapter 3- Adam Whiting: The Futures Scalper
  • Chapter 4- Jim Cash: The Futures and Options Veteran 
  • Chapter 5- Flemming Kozok: The Big Bet Sniper
  • Chapter 6- Dennis Dick: The Base Hit Trader
  • Chapter 7- Jeffrey Goldman: Market Maker Turned Prop Firm Trader and Manager
  • Chapter 8- Eric Scott Hunsander: The Market Structure Expert
  • Chapter 9- Mitch Semon: The Veteran Stock Operator
  • Chapter 10- Wayne Kulcheski: The Trend Fighter
  • Chapter 11- Anonymous: The Former Winner
  • Chapter 12- Anonymous: The Secrecy of the Bot Destroyer 
  • Chapter 13- Atticus: The Options Expert
  • Chapter 14- The Trader ToolBox
  • Chapter 15- Additional Advice, Resources and Tips 
    • The Boost Your Discipline Mini-Course
  • Chapter 16- The Core Principles of Good Short-Term Trading