Trading Systems and Methods

Trading Systems and Methods

Review Trading Systems and Methods



Mainly from the authoritative knowledge that Trading Systems and Methods poses, professional and novice traders have long relied on this primer for almost 30 years. Perry Kaufman, a seasoned trading systems expert, comprehensively combines lessons about indicators, programs, systems, and algorithms to produce a guide conducive enough to impart learning to traders. With the recently released sixth edition, this book never fails to deliver knowledge crucial for the development and selection of the ideal trading programs. Intensive discussions of fundamental mathematical and statistical theories allow readers to understand the volume of data, development of the index, determining probabilities, and how viable are the ideas. These technical instruments are necessary to determine trends, momentum, and figures, while the analytical system provides a platform for comparisons when it comes to systematic methods and strategies. 

Generally, this book carries out:

  • Additional instruments, trading systems, and examples of persisting market trends all while providing a meticulous revision
  •  fundamental mathematical and statistical theories through coding
  • Supplementary learning material in the form of website

About the Author

Perry Kaufman actively trades in the stock and derivative markets. He is also a speaker, author, and professor on different media platforms. His published books were translated into numerous languages allowing him to acquire and gain tighter traction in the international scene.

Table of Contents



  • Chapter 1- Introduction
  • Chapter 2- Basic Concepts and Calculations
  • Chapter 3- Charting 
  • Chapter 4- Charting Systems
  • Chapter 5- Event-Driven Trends
  • Chapter 6- Regression Analysis
  • Chapter 7- Time-Based Trend Calculations
  • Chapter 8- Trend Systems
  • Chapter 9- Momentum and Oscillators
  • Chapter 10- Seasonality and Calendar Patterns
  • Chapter 11- Cycle Analysis
  • Chapter 12- Volume, Open Interest, and Breadth 
  • Chapter 13- Spreads and Arbitrage 
  • Chapter 14- Behavioral Techniques
  • Chapter 15- Short-Term Patterns
  • Chapter 16- Day Trading
  • Chapter 17- Adaptive Techniques
  • Chapter 18- Price Distribution systems
  • Chapter 19- Multiple Time Frames
  • Chapter 20- Advanced techniques
  • Chapter 21- System Testing
  • Chapter 22- Adding Reality
  • Chapter 23- Risk Control
  • Chapter 24- Diversification and Portfolio Allocation

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