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What’s The Average Node Js Developer Salary? A Look At The Data For 2021


With more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, helps you determine your exact pay target. The US is one of the countries that pay developers the highest salaries, but it certainly isn’t the only place where programming talent has great earning potential. New York leads with the average JavaScript developer salary at approximately $119K per year.

what's the average node js developer salary? a look at the data for 2021

If you’re looking to learn a technology that provides a stable, high-paying job, Node.js would be an excellent choice. Node.js took the top spot as the most-used framework spot in 2019 and 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, used by over 50% of its respondents. Popularity fell somewhat in 2021, but it remained the sixth-most popular technology, and job searches for Node.js grew by 57%. You can also use Node.js to develop frontend applications; it’s just a less common use of the program. So if backend or full-stack development interests you along with JavaScript, this may be the right job for you. Perhaps unsurprisingly, larger companies tend to pay developers specializing in this language a slightly higher salary.

Senior Software Engineer Jobs In Chicago

Talk to a program advisor to discuss career change and find out if web development is right for you. Experience using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build dynamic websites or web applications. Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the cornerstone technologies of the web. In very simplistic terms, it is a programming language used to add interactivity to a webpage.

Do web developers make good money?

There’s so much work out there for web developers. … With a median pay of $69,430 per year, web development is a well-paying job no matter what specialization you choose. Of course, the web languages you know will pay a big part in your salary and what jobs you can land.

Most Vue.js developer salaries in the world range from$104,409 to $46,800. Built In Seattle is the online community for Seattle startups and tech companies. As a Senior Front-end Engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing foundational front-end infrastructure and libraries for our XPlatform and XRegistries products. Your main goal will be developing complex user interfaces for trading and registry interactions. As a member of the Xpansiv engineering team, you’ll be responsible for setting technical direction for front-end architecture across the organization and future-proofing our front-end stack.

Learn about JavaScript frameworks’ salaries (React.js, Vue.js, Angular) and programming trends of 2021. In Germany, JavaScript developer salary reaches $92,575 per year, when in the Netherlands it is a bit lower – $92,227. As the Software Engineering Manager for the Workflow Execution team, you will be building out the team from the ground up. You will collaborate closely with our Product, peer Client Experience teams, and our Core Experience Services team to conceptualize, design, and deliver on this challenge.

Skills That Affect Front End Developer Salaries In Los Angeles

To learn more about the skills and qualifications required for a career in JavaScript development, we recommend browsing job sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and GitHub Jobs. There are many different routes you can take within web development, and your earning potential depends on a variety of factors. One possible career path is JavaScript development—a highly sought-after area of expertise! In this guide, we’ll look at how much you could earn as a JavaScript developer. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

Front End Developer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In from anonymous Front End Developer employees in Los Angeles. With an average salary of $106k/year, pursuing work as a Node.js developer could be worth the effort. If you’re interested in JavaScript, want to get into a specialized tech job, and are interested in full-stack work, it may be right for you. According to Payscale, frontend developers make $75k/year, while backend developers make $81k/year. Finally, we have full-stack developer salaries, which average at $97k/year, $9k/year less than Node.js development.

Select a program, get paired with an expert mentor and tutor, and become a job-ready designer, developer, or analyst from scratch, or your money back. To round off our salary report, we investigated whether company size also has an impact on how much you can earn as a JavaScript expert in the United States. Now that we’ve covered that continent, let’s take a trip east across the ocean to see the state of average JavaScript developer salaries in Europe. While it’s all well and good getting a little slice of what the pay outlook is like worldwide, it’s even more useful to drill down a little more. Examining how much programmers fluent in JS can expect to earn on a city-by-city basis can give you a more accurate picture. So with that, let’s take a look in a selection of major cities on both sides of the Atlantic, using salary data from Glassdoor.

Denmark and Norway follow with nearly $110K and $100K respectively, while the average JavaScript developer salary in Germany and Netherlands ranges between $92K and $91K. To do this you’ll have to get a little creative, build on top of a lot of open source technology, and stay focused on Outreach’s core value proposition of revenue efficiency. The average salary for a Senior Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience is $142,548.

The average Front End Developer salary for women is $109,000 and the average Front End Developer salary for men is $108,658. The average Senior Software Engineer salary for women is $127,987 and the average Senior Software Engineer salary for men is $133,923. The average Front End Developer salary for women is $116,750 and the average Front End Developer salary for men is $113,348. Put these together, and you get an average estimated salary of $106k/year.

As it stands, it seems that remote work is still finding a foothold in the industry, and its availability can vary wildly depending on many circumstances. You could end up earning more than the average, or you could very well earn far less. The best advice is to keep your options open and look for jobs that pay you fairly. Throughout your career, from junior to senior, your salary may jump by up to $30k/year. Averaged salary is $89k/year, compared to the Node.js average salary of $106k/year. As you can see, it’s a lot better to specialize if you want to earn more money.

  • If you’re interested in JavaScript, want to get into a specialized tech job, and are interested in full-stack work, it may be right for you.
  • Popularity fell somewhat in 2021, but it remained the sixth-most popular technology, and job searches for Node.js grew by 57%.
  • Are you interested in becoming a Node.js developer and exploring JavaScript further?

All but one source lists the salary as over $100k/year, which is a good sign. This approach has a few notable advantages over PHP and Python — Node.js functions aren’t blocking . In contrast, each PHP or Python command stops other commands until it’s finished executing. In other words, JavaScript server applications can be much faster and work better in real-time.

what's the average node js developer salary? a look at the data for 2021

According to the BLS, the median annual salary for graphic designers in May 2011 was around $44,000. A San Francisco company looked for a JavaScript engineer to work 100% remotely or in San Francisco or Long Island. A U.S.-based company was looking for JavaScript engineers to work on mobile gaming platforms. The company wanted someone with expertise in JavaScript who could work on both client and server development. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or an equivalent amount of experience and two years of experience in the field were preferred.

In their Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2020, recruiting platform Devskiller unveiled some interesting insights into current developer hiring trends. Based on their analysis of over 200,000 coding tests in 143 countries, they found that 72% of companies are looking to hire JavaScript developers. If you’re considering a career as a JavaScript developer, you’ll be pleased to hear that JavaScript is one of the most sought-after skills in the programming industry today.

In this career, you may find yourself working with clients and in-house teams, making good communication skills vital. As remote work continues to grow ever more popular, especially in the tech industry, you may wonder if you’ll earn as good of a wage working remotely or if it’s better to pursue a salaried, in-person job. As a more complex job requiring you to know various technologies, it’s more challenging to learn the skills necessary, but it also pays better. Node.js is open source and free on top of everything else, so developers love it, especially JavaScript devs who want to take their coding to the next level. And the people hiring these developers are interested in today’s faster, real-time, event-driven servers, so Node.js developers are in high demand. JavaScript has long been a versatile programming language, hence why it’s one of the most popular, if not the most popular, languages in the world.

People with the job title Senior Software Engineer make the most at companies with 1-10 employees, earning $141,333 on average. JavaScript engineers, also known as ‘web developers’, work with scripting languages that enhance the interactivity of web pages. They design and develop websites, evaluate code and respond to users’ needs.

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