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6 Steps to Become a DevOps Engineer


This can be done in a number of different programming languages, such as Java, Python, or Ruby. Scripts can be written in any language, but they’re typically written in Bash or Perl. Demonstrating DevOps skills in other positions can sometimes help you secure an engineering job.

  • You also need to become familiar with the common operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Infrastructure automation tools have become an essential aspect of every organization.
  • No matter what DevOps tasks you want to automate, coding and scripting are essential skills.
  • Till today it has helped me in understanding many concepts in the developer’s world.

This means that when the development team is ready with the product, it goes to the maintenance and management phases immediately and is released to the end-users with minimum delay. There are tons of online courses, certifications, and degree programs to help you get on the right track to becoming a DevOps engineer. Becoming a DevOps engineer requires a passion for writing code and solving development problems, a bachelor’s degree, and some hands-on experience. Raji Oluwaniyi is a multifaceted content writer with a penchant for research, writing, and editing a wide range of content with minimal oversight.

Importance of DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers specialize in development and operations processes to coordinate efficient product development for a company. DevOps engineers also oversee the activities and needs of a software product’s creation from planning to deployment. DevOps engineers bridge the areas of information technology (IT) and software engineering to streamline a product’s software development life cycle. Here’s what to know about a DevOps engineer’s needed skills, salary and how to become one.

Infrastructure as Code is the practice that allows you to make the deployment process easier and automated as you can generate the desired environment as per the requirements. Meanwhile, Infrastructure as Code lets you manage your IT infrastructure using the configuration files. Unlike the past, now Ops can specify the stack once as a declarative configuration file and can deploy multiple times.

What is DevOps?

The Version Control System makes it possible and helps in having back-ups on the remote repository. The system helps developers to roll back to the previous commits and the source code’s last version if needed. It helps manage the source how to become a devops engineer code for the software team by keeping track of all the code modifications. Human mistakes can be easily handled using the version control system. Some popular Version Control Tools are Git,Github,Gitlab and Bitbucket and so on.

Can I learn DevOps in 3 months?

The answer depends on how one is learning and preparing to become a DevOps Engineer. Generally, it can take up to six months to know all the basics. Start learning about the tools that you like the most, and go from there. In a few months, you will get well-versed.

If you love coding and solving development problems, read on to learn how to become a DevOps engineer. Likewise, there are 6 main pillars in total, each corresponding to a month of learning. That story is end-to-end process automation — a digital pipeline that moves bits around in an assembly line-like fashion. But once you have the Foundation layer reasonably figured out, move onto the real-world set of skills.

DevOps Culture

Also, Deployment becomes fast and can occur instantly on every commit. There is various Infrastructure as Code tools commonly used by DevOps professionals such as Azure Resource Manager, Terraform, SaltStack, and many more. Bibin Wilson is a cloud and DevOps consultant with over 10 years of IT experience. He has extensive hands-on experience with public cloud platforms, cloud hosting, Kubernetes and OpenShift deployments in production.

  • Docker is a useful tool that helps to deliver software in containers.
  • Let us spend some time in understanding the list of most important DevOps Engineers’ roles and responsibilities.
  • DevOps engineers are the individuals in an organization who will lead the organization toward the next phase of autonomous delivery.
  • DevOps continues to change workplace culture; therefore, smart, creative, and resilient engineers are needed.

He has authored over 300 tech tutorials, providing valuable insights to the DevOps community. His courses on offer practical guidance and real-world examples for professionals aiming to excel in cloud, DevOps, and infrastructure automation. Once you’ve completed the build process, you need to learn how to automate the web applications testing process. Selenium is one of the best testing tools for QA teams, providing fast execution, allowing scripting in several languages, and supporting parallel test execution.

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