A Complete Guide to the Futures Market

A Complete Guide to the Futures Market

Review A Complete Guide to the Futures Market: Technical Analysis, Trading Systems, Fundamental Analysis, Options, Spreads, and Trading Principles



A Complete Guide to the Futures Market is an authoritative primer that administers both prerequisite and advanced knowledge about the field. This renders intensive market know-hows that appeal to wide strata of futures traders and financial analysts. This is a must-have if one wants to smoothly maneuver across the futures market, covering important topics such as technical and fundamental analysis, trading platforms and systems, spreads, and practical trading theories. 

With its straightforward narration, this updated and revised edition delivers strong and powerful education about the fundamentals of markets, ins, and outs of analysis and speculation techniques, trading structures, and application of concepts using market examples. In addition to this, one will be introduced to numerous ways of trading as it puts a line between market falsehood and realities.

About the Author

JACK D. SCHWAGER is an associate founder of Fundseeder and has written several best-selling financial guides, including the Market Wizards series and Market Sense and Nonsense

MARK ETZKORN established FinCom Media and has served as the Editors-in-Chief of Active Trader journal, contributor at Futures magazine, and a fellow of Chicago Mercantile Exchange. 

Table of Contents

About the Authors

PART 1- Preliminaries

PART 2- Chart Analysis and Technical Indicators 

PART 3- Applying Chart Analysis to trading

PART 4- Trading Systems and Performance Measurement

PART 5- Fundamental Analysis

PART 6- Futures, Spreads, and Options

PART 7-Practical Trading Guidelines