ADS Securities Forex Broker

ADS Securities Forex Broker


ADS Securities, also known as ADSS, is an international financial services provider that offers private, retail, and institutional clients the best quality investment opportunities. Its market experts provide wealth and asset management, as well as capital market and trading services.

ads securities forex broker

ADS Securities Regulation and Security

ADSS was established in 2011 with a goal of making it a global financial services provider offering quality products and services. It has invested into proprietary multi-asset trading technology to offer access to instruments and liquidity of the best kind. Since then, this financial services company has been a leader in global business. 

ADS Securities LLC has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, with smaller offices in Hong Kong and London. It operates under the regulation and safety standards set by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. It also falls under the regulatory authority of the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, as well as the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong. 

It is worth noting that ADS Securities’ parent company is a key shareholder of ADS Securities London Limited, which is under the FCA. This regulatory body is one of the best and strictest in the world, with many traders preferring brokers regulated by the FCA. Brokers under its regulatory umbrella also boast of a European regulation, which often than not guarantees the security and reliability of a financial services provider. 

ADS Securities Trading Services

ADS Securities offers an array of trading services, not only in the aspect of trading platforms, but also in instruments. ADSS has an interesting approach in its services, because despite the relatively limited offers, it ensures that it provides the best quality.

MetaTrader4 Platform

MT4 is known in the industry for its wide range of tools and indicators and a fast execution speed. It also has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows even beginners to easily maneuver the platform. ADS Securities’ version of an MT4 combines advanced charting tools and superior execution methods. With that said, it still includes MT4’s best qualities, such as a wide range of instruments, a customization feature, automated trading, and multiple order types. 

Forex & CFDs Trading

It is a proven fact in the trading industry that the currencies market, or the forex market, generates the largest daily volume of trades that could go up to trillions of dollars’ worth. On the other hand, CFDs are growing in popularity as more and more traders begin investing amid the dawn of online trading. These two have become staples as trading markets in the services offered by brokerage firms. With ADS Securities, you will be open to even bigger opportunities as this broker links you to the best liquidity providers and exchanges. 

Bitcoin Trading

Another popular asset gaining more attention in recent years are cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. In the last five years, this digital currency has increased in value at a rapid rate, even hitting an all-time high of $19,857.03 in 2017. In December 2020, it is once again reaching that level, trading at the range of $19,300. Due to its popularity and high profitability, it is only normal to find most, if not all brokers offering services in trading it. In the case of ADS Securities, clients can benefit from using the best essential tools to create a profitable trading strategy in investing in Bitcoin for the long-term and short. 

ads securities forex broker

ADS Securities Tools and Analysis

A wide range of instruments is just as important as an advanced set of trading tools and analytical materials. For ADSS, it is essential that their clients are properly equipped with quality tools to create profitable trades. Below are only some of the tools and analysis features offered by ADSS.

Technical Analysis

No good broker would let its clients go into the trading field without one of two technical analysis tools. These tools are very important in the everyday trading of both beginners and professional traders. Technical analysis tools help investors spot market opportunities, assess their open positions,  define their risk/profit profile, and determine losing trades. Essentially, these tools can make or break a trade. 


The Autochartist keeps you updated with the latest market movements of different assets thanks to its constant scanning. It also offers an automated chart pattern recognition to let you create informed decisions, as well as determining trade set-ups by studying the support and resistance levels. There are also daily market reports to keep traders abreast of the latest news.

Financial Glossary

This tool lists all the important words and terminologies often used in trading. It is an essential skill for any trader to be able to understand trading terms so as not to confuse mundane things with them. An extensive vocabulary in trading is also a must if you want to be a successful trader. Terms like bid/ask, support/resistance, bull/bear, and spread/margin are only some of the highly important words to know.

ADS Securities Conclusion

ADS Securities offers a wide range of services that have proven to be both high quality and convenient. It has established itself as a global market leader in offering financial services, and has maintained a clean reputation in its years of service. Its clients have constantly praised this broker for its quality services and good customer support, guaranteeing that it is reliable and trustworthy. This broker could keep growing in the future and brace the ranks of top financial providers in the industry. 

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