Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip

Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip

Review Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip



From the author of the bestselling “Investment Biker” comes the new “Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip” – a book that documents Jim Rogers’ three-year, around-the-world trip in his Mercedes while he was getting rich doing so. Later marking his exploits to break the Guinness World Record, Jim Rogers writes about his journey, his experiences, and his narrow escapes as he travels to 116 countries in the far reaches of the globe. “Adventure Capitalist” takes readers along his journey, revealing the world he discovered through a new lens – especially with the perspective of finance such as how he finds the Euro as a currency built upon a road to failure, how NGOs are technically scams, and how the future will be China’s stage. A truly insightful look into how the world spins, “Adventure Capitalist” is a rewarding read that will benefit any reader whether they are interested in its financial viewpoint or just want to know more about the world we live in.   

About the Author

Born in 1942, Jim Rogers had his first job at age five, picking up bottles at baseball games. Winning a scholarship to Yale, Rogers was a coxswain on the crew. Upon graduation, he attended Balliol College at Oxford. After a stint in the army, he began work on Wall Street. He co-founded the Quantum Fund, a global investment partnership. During the next ten years, the portfolio gained more than 4,000 percent, while the S&P rose less than 50 percent. Rogers then decided to retire-at age thirty-seven-but he did not remain idle. Continuing to manage his portfolio, Rogers served as a professor of finance at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and as moderator of The Dreyfus Roundtable on WCBS and The Profit Motive on FNN. At the same time, he laid the groundwork for his lifelong dream, an around-the-world motorcycle trip: more than 100,000 miles across six continents. That journey became the subject of Rogers’s first book, Investment Biker (1994), now available from Random House Trade Paperbacks. While laying plans for his Millennium Adventure 1999-2001, he continued as a media commentator at Worth, CNBC, et al., and as a sometime professor. He now contributes to Fox News, Worth, and others as he and Paige eagerly await their first child.

Table of Contents

  • Part One: 1999
  • A Yellow Mercedes
  • Young Turks
  • The Coming Catastrophe of Central Asia
  • The Best Capitalist Are in Communist China
  • A New Asian Crisis: A Shortage of Girls
  • Digital Mongolia
  • The Wedding
  • Part Two: 2000
  • Into Africa
  • My Broker in Ghana
  • Whirling Dervishes
  • Arabian Nights
  • Part Three: 2001
    1. Sixty-Million of Us Wash Away Our Sins
    2. The Road from Mandalay
    3. Playing Detective in La Paz
    4. My Father’s Grave
    5. Home Again
  • Appendix
  • Index