Ayondo Review 2021- A Legitimate Online Brokerage Firm


Ayondo was initially introduced as a financial technology company in 2009. It started as a German-based platform, and only after it underwent expansionary measures that it acquired its international and multijurisdictional status. Currently known to traders as a social trading firm, its office in the United Kingdom offers the most advanced trading conditions and is regulated by several finance-related bodies. 

As for its offerings, its flagship services are foreign exchange, contract for differences, and spread betting. Social trading, on the other hand, comes as another advantage for those who want to utilize winning strategies and follow expert traders. More so, this kind of structure allows rapid increase of profit as it offers a live workspace equipped with automated functions.  

The collaborative effort of the team, their objective of providing a seamless trading experience, and the integration of cutting edge technologies are just some of the factors why Ayondo supersedes the industry’s trading standards. This can be attested by its ever-growing market visibility, with a following of over 200,000 users from different parts of the globe. 

Ayondo Review 2021- A Legitimate Online Brokerage Firm

Trading Platform 

Ayondo has its own trading platform called TradeHub- a social and copy trading system that gives out options whether to trade manually or purely automated. This also comes with a mobile counterpart that is very much easy to install and use as it is made available in multiple operating systems.

TradeHub Web Version 

This proprietary platform was engineered according to key inputs forwarded by the trading community. As this is the case, clients’ demands were integrated and trading considerations were wired into the system. What stands as the most commendable about this is its fast execution speed, with its interface heavily praised for its intuitive and unique graphic design. 

Personalization is also put into consideration, with a complete set of buttons ready for full user customization. More so, controls and orders are available, making it easy for users to maintain, organize, and limit their trades.

Trade Hub Mobile Version 

As mentioned above, its mobile counterpart is available in various operating systems. Apart from the desktop features, it also offers additional functions including a button that automatically calculates margin. It also offers variable portfolio calculation and a function that allows clients to monetize funds through margins. 

Customization doesn’t lag behind its web counterpart as it enables manual selection of trading structures. Add to the aforementioned are interactive charts, authoritative indicators, and flexible learning materials, which only guarantee effective and desirable trading results. 

Ayondo Account Selection 

Ayondo is one among the few brokerage firms that offer hassle-free and relatively easy registration process. It provides one live account, and this may be used for whichever instruments clients would want to engage in.  Note, however, that clients would have to provide the necessary documents including a personal identification card, passport, utility bills, or bank statements for verification. 

There are also trade-related questions that interested parties must answer. After doing so, one will be redirected to a page that confirms whether or not the registration process is successful. For those who successfully subscribed, their account tier over time. As usual, higher levels offer premium conditions. 

Ayondo Review 2021- A Legitimate Online Brokerage Firm

Safety and Protection 

Clients do not have to worry about potential wipeouts or hacking risks as the system is covered by multiple security measures. For one, its overall funding structure is well-segregated, and clients’ funds are separated from the broker’s. This, together with its negative balance protection, ensures that funds will be kept safely from bankruptcy and other finance-related threats. 

Other layer of protection was incorporated including an advanced encryption that guards funds from possible digital invasion. Lastly, a periodical audit is conducted to ensure that funds are intact and to avoid financial discrepancies.  

Get Involved 

Taking into consideration all the specifications above, Ayondo inarguably exudes reliability and convenience. From its unique interface, which provides almost every trading needs, to its generous trading conditions, it can be concluded that the broker is safe and legitimate. While it has its own set of disadvantages including an inadequate account selection, Ayondo still made sure that clients will get the best out of trading by integrating all the necessary conditions. 

For those who might to place a sound investment, they may visit Ayondo’s official website to start their trading journey today.  

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