Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

Review Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns



Thomas Bulkowki equipped the latest edition of Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns with guaranteed and reliable charts. These patterns are flexible enough to support trading activity in either bullish or bearish markets. With additional 23 patterns and a separate section to thoroughly discuss event patterns, one is secured with lessons on how to trade in important trends optimally. Moreover, technical traders and investors will be introduced to the importance of different events such as profit disclosure, retail sales, and movement of stocks, all while learning the implications of these to the trading environment.

About the Author

THOMAS N. BULKOWSKI is one of the leading figures when it comes to trading and chart patterns. With over three decades of experience in stocks, he managed to become a successful investor and trader all while writing several financial books such as Chart Patterns: After the Buy and Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts. 

Table of Contents


PART ONE- Chart Patterns

  • Broadening Bottoms 
  • Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Ascending 
  • Broadening Formations, Right-Angled and Descending 
  • Broadening Tops 
  • Broadening Wedges, Ascending
  • Broadening Wedges, Descending
  • Bump-and-Run Reversal Bottoms
  • Bump-and-Run Reversal Tops
  • Cup with Handle
  • Cup with Handle, Inverted
  • Diamond Bottoms
  • Diamond Tops
  • Double Bottoms, Adam & Adam
  • Double Bottoms, Adam & Eve
  • Double Bottoms, Eve & Adam
  • Double Bottoms, Eve & Eve
  • Double Tops, Adam & Adam
  • Double Tops, Adam & Eve
  • Double Tops, Eve & Adam
  • Double Tops, Eve & Eve
  • Flags 
  • Flags, High and Tight
  • Gaps
  • Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms
  • Head-and-Shoulders Bottoms, Complex
  • Head-and-Shoulders Tops
  • Head-and-Shoulders Tops, Complex
  • Horn Bottoms
  • Horn Tops
  • Island Reversals
  • Islands, Long
  • Measured Move Down
  • Measured Move Up
  • Pennants
  • Pipe Bottoms
  • Pipe Tops
  • Rectangle Bottoms
  • Rectangle Tops
  • Rounding Bottoms
  • Rounding Tops
  • Scallops, Ascending
  • Scallops, Ascending and Inverted
  • Scallops, Descending
  • Scallops, Descending and Inverted
  • Three Falling Peaks 
  • Three Rising Valleys
  • Triangles, Ascending
  • Triangles, Descending
  • Triangles, Symmetrical
  • Triple Bottoms
  • Triple Tops
  • Wedges, Falling
  • Wedges, Rising

PART TWO- Event Patterns

  • Dead-Cat Bounce
  • Dead-Cat Bounce, Inverted
  • Earnings Surprise, Bad
  • Earnings Surprise, Good
  • FDA Drug Approvals
  • Flag, Earnings
  • Same-Store Sales, Bad 
  • Same-Store Sales, Good
  • Stock Downgrades
  • Stock Upgrades 



Glossary and Methodology

Index of Chart and Event Patterns