HyperForex Broker Overview

HyperForex Broker Overview


HyperForex is a brokerage firm offering services in foreign exchange and commodities trading. The main mission of this broker is to provide unparalleled client experience with the help of cutting edge technology. It aims to introduce and spread the use of hyper technology, which may offer a significant change to the speed of order executions in the current market setup.

HyperForex Broker Overview

HyperForex Registration and Licenses

HyperForex is the trading name of Hyper Global Trade Pte. Ltd. It mainly operates in Malaysia under the regulation of the Labuan Financial Services Authority, a license that is only given to STP-only business models. 

Security is a big deal for both clients and brokers, which is why HyperForex implements high-grade security standards on all its services. For instance, the firm’s corporate funds are separated from the clients’, all of which are also separated individually. This is to prevent any financial misconduct that is more easily hidden with joined accounts. Clients are also guaranteed to be the only ones with access to their funds, meaning that not even HyperForex can get into it. Also, HyperForex only partners with top-tier Malaysian and Chinese banks when storing the funds of their clients. 

HyperForex Review of Services


HyperForex offers the renowned platform, MetaTrader4 as the main trading platform for all financial markets it supports. There is a reason why all brokers offer MT4 as their main platform and why it has gained so much popularity since it was released in 2005. MT4 is widely preferred by traders all over the world because of its customization–it allows each trader to modify some parts about the platform to fit his or her preferences. This platform also has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is secure and highly accessible. It is also compatible with any browser, as well as iOS and Android for the mobile version.

Account Types

There are three account types that a trader can choose from after registering with HyperForex. The difference in the accounts heavily relies on how much knowledge or expertise the client has about trading. A smaller and cheaper account is offered for beginners while the more active and more expensive account is the likely choice for experts. 

The Mini Account, from its name, is a small-lot-size type of account with a low minimum deposit. It is recommended for novice traders since it provides room for mistakes and lets the trader explore the financial markets. It also allows them to try different strategies in their trading using low-risk live account trading. 

The Standard Account is considered a mid-tier type that is recommended for traders with “sufficient” trading experience. If you can confidently say that you know how the market works even to the slightest degree, are aware of the risks associated with trading, and know that you could lose more than you began with, then this account might be for you. It allows a minimum trading volume of 0.01 lot per trade with flexible trading options. It requires a slightly higher minimum deposit but offers minimal risk and competitive spreads. This is often the choice of both mid-tier and experienced traders.

As you would expect for top-tiers, the VIP Account provides the tightest spreads, which is highly recommended for high-volume active trading. This is the account for expert market players who have been trading for years and know a few tricks about maintaining profits. However, this does not mean that their trades are also foolproof. This account is a great option for large investments that involve large sums, which also means that risks are at their highest. Trading with a big amount of money must always be done with caution. 


Technical Analysis is a huge part of any trading activity. Most often it is used as a basis for opening and closing positions, determining trends, and interpreting the market. In HyperForex, analysis is also greatly valued since it contributes a great deal to successful trades. One of the most accessible analytical and research tools provided by this broker is the Economic Calendar. This tool monitors the significant market events, including economic indicators, political factors, and monetary policy measures. Knowing how these factors affect the price of an asset allows you to make informed decisions about your trades. 

HyperForex also offers Daily Market News, which is a more thorough reportage of financial, economic, and political events. It provides interpretation and forecasts for specific assets such as the USD. Updates about the oil market, U.S. politics, and the value of gold are some of the reports that frequent the daily market news. A more particular tool offered by HyperForex is the Glossary, or the section of terms used in forex trading. Widely-used terms such as bull and bear markets, support and resistance, and bid and ask are some of the most important words that any beginning trader must understand. Most of these are opposites, so it is important to know whether you are hitting support or resistance, or you are betting on a bid or an ask, or else you will fail miserably in trading. 

HyperForex Broker Overview

HyperForex Conclusion

HyperForex undeniably offers competitive trading conditions that both beginning and expert traders can benefit from. It is an all-around broker that offers the right services for all kinds of traders. Plus, this broker has a global presence with six offices across the globe and more than fourteen years of trading experience. You can say that they are quite the experts. Security is not a question with HyperForex, what with its regulatory status and membership with the Investor Compensation Fund. This broker only keeps growing for the future and traders will find it hard to miss it.

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