Is a Binary Options Trader We Can Trust?

Is a Binary Options Trader We Can Trust?


Review of online resources that discuss’s services render a positive image of the firm. A number of users contend that the brokerage is an efficient firm to do trades through, with the clients attesting to little to no problem with deposits and withdrawal of profits, a highly-responsive support team, and longer trading hours extending even into the evening. 

While these stand, is not absolved from criticism. The negative comments are owed to just the opposite of the positive claims, alluding to difficulty in withdrawals and huge fees for performing such and apparently a dishonestly of the support team with the specificities of the service.

Despite the reviews being predominantly positive, the matter stands that for the readers of this review to be fully informed of what they are actually in for should they decide to trade with, a holistic look at the firm’s capabilities should be put in place. 

The review team had spent months with the brokerage firm to render a pointed and informed assessment of’s services. The following facets had been examined exhaustively for this cause:

  1. The firm’s offer of greater liquidity
  2. The types of trades that can be performed through the firm
  3. The trading accounts offered by
  4. The type of security provided to clients
is a binary options trader we can trust?


As already mentioned, the firm is a Binary Options trader and financial trading platform that operates online. Through, traders are allowed to trade in high frequency with little to no risks. 

What sets from other financial platforms is that it makes use of crowdsourcing technology in matching traders with a liquidity pool and with other traders who use the platform. is broker-less, and with consideration to actual financial entity classification, the firm may be seen as more of a technological provider as opposed to a financial trading company. 

The platform provided by the firm is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. 

Upon the opening of an account with, the user would not be required of any deposit.  What this means is that the user would be permitted to trade directly through his or her own digital wallet.

On the onset, trading through might prove perplexing especially if one is not able to get the full grasp of what it takes to trade options. As this stands, potential losses in preliminary trades are always an inevitability with Option trading as with any other trading endeavours. 

is a binary options trader we can trust?’s Offers and Services

Available Trading Accounts

While offers a wide range of trading account options, going through these one by one would prove a complicated affair. As this is the case, we are going only going to look at the two most pertinent ones:

1. The Regular Account

The other option is for the user to deposit at least $10 for an Ethereum wallet. Here, any trade that the trader chooses to launch is reflected into a Blockchain which allows for greater security. Winnings on the other hand, are credited into the Ethereum wallet. Here the minimum trade value is pegged for as low as $1. 

2. The Wallet Account (Crypto eWallet)

Through the Wallet Account, a trader is given the option of trading through his or her crypto wallet. As the process is a direct one, the trader is spared from the complications of having to transact through a middle man. This effectively cuts down the waiting time to receive funds which would eventually lessen transaction fees. 

The only thing that traders need to think about is the minimum trade value, not the deposit fees nor the need for initial or partial deposits. The trade value required is at $50.00. Should the trader win, the amount is reflected back to him or her.

As already mentioned, trading through is a win for those wanting to forego the need of a middleman in doing trading transactions.

The Different Types of Trades That Can Be Performed Through

  1. Short Trade

This type of trading caters to novice traders who want speedy results and even quick expiry times. The trader is at liberty to choose trades that would last 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on. 

  1. Intraday Trades

This type of trading lasts for about 12-24 hours. This is catered to the more experienced traders within the Binary Options field. Traders who choose this type of account are in on higher market movement and, logically, exposure to higher risks. 

  1. Placement Trades

This type of trading is further divided into two classes:

3.1. The Standard Immediate Trade

Here, trades are made by the client and are entered right away.

3.2. The Pending Order Trade

In this type of placement trade, trades are lodged with future prices being the reference point. Once the price is reached, the actual trade would commence. 

is a binary options trader we can trust?

Trading With The Takeaway

Probably what readers can get from all the things that had been discussed in this review is that offers great security to those who had signed up for their services. This security by definition pertains to two things: security of the client’s funds and security that profitable endeavours are always in the cards for diligent traders. clients are let in on safe trading conditions with risks kept at bay. Trading conditions with the broker comes with little risks with the need of a third party eliminated. It is safe as it is simple. Having said this, trading through would prove to be a lucrative activity with much learning at its tail-end.

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