Just2Trade Forex Broker Review

Just2Trade Forex Broker Review


Just2Trade is an international broker focusing on trading services in stocks and options. This broker is known to offer innovative tools and solutions to a number of trading problems, and this is what makes it attractive to many traders. 

just2trade forex broker review

Just2Trade Regulation and Security

Just2Trade is a low-cost alternative to expensive brokers in the United States and beyond. It was created and launched in New York in 2007, where it quickly became popular. Only in 2015, this broker was acquired by WhoTrades Inc., another financial services company in the same city. The latter prioritizes services in social trading, and through this platform, it has continually offered solutions to a variety of trading problems. Just2Trade is geared towards active, high-volume day traders looking for decent trading conditions. It is a popular choice for investors looking to execute high-volume positions in cheaper ways.

This broker is well regulated by FINRA or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a private organization in the United States that regulates itself as well as brokers under its membership. It is a less preferable body than independent regulators, which are considered to be unbiased towards all brokers. However, this does not mean that Just2Trade is any less of a respectable and reliable broker, since it is also regulated by trusted bodies. Just2Trade is registered with the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as holding memberships with the SIPC or Securities Investor Corporation and the NFA or National Futures Association. All these agencies build up the security measures implemented by Just2Trade for the sake of its clients. So far, it is successful in this aspect. 

Just2Trade Platform Services

This broker offers access to an extensive set of markets through its offered trading platforms. Just2Trade provides numerous assets to trade, may it be stocks or currencies or options or others. This broker ensures that it has a lot to offer to its clients. 

MT4 & MT5

These two platforms are well-known to traders of all styles in the market. It was one of the first platforms to gain global traction because of its user-friendly and intuitive interface. The MT4 is a classic platform in foreign exchange, while MT5 is known to be a multi-asset platform that lets traders simultaneously trade up to five assets at once. Both are exemplary in their own right and have been widely-used by traders since they were launched. The two platforms share the same high-level functionality that traders of all types and levels want. There are hundreds of indicators and tools on the platforms, as well as a customization feature that lets each user personalize it to their preference. The sophisticated setup of the platforms allow traders to explore different trading styles and even execute strategies of any complexity. MT4 and MT5 are the go-to platforms for all traders globally and it stands to reason.

Just2Trade Proprietary Platform

Aside from MetaTraders, this broker also has a proprietary platform that allows access to numerous assets in a variety of markets. It has extensive features and offerings that not even MetaTrader has, but it also has its limitations. Still, Just2Trade’s platform is a combination of sophistication and usability, and allows professional traders to execute high-level techniques that help them in making profits. This web platform boasts a simplified but intuitive interface that highlights the most important factors of daily trading, cutting the noise and hassle of complicated platforms. Although not that well known in the market, this platform offers industry-grade functionality that traders wouldn’t want to miss. 

just2trade forex broker review

Just2Trade Trading Conditions

The competitiveness of a broker is measured in its range of offerings and trading conditions. In the case of Just2Trade, this broker focuses on the value of making profits with limited funds, making it low-cost and effective.

Spreads & Commissions

As already stated above, Just2Trade participates in making per-trade and per-share trading costs relatively low for the average trader. While spreads may also vary with the particular asset traded, Just2Trade guarantees that it offers the lowest spreads on the industry, as it wants its clients to maximize their trading opportunities and gains. When it comes to commissions, Just2Trade ensures that it only cuts a small percentage of the overall trade of a client. For trades that go up to a few thousand dollars, this broker only charges a measly commission of less than $5 per trade. 


The leverage levels provided by this broker are minimal, so as to prevent its clients from suffering large losses in the market. It is well known in the market that a higher leverage entails higher risks, albeit also higher rewards. Still, the losses that may be suffered by the trader are best cut with lower leverage. Building profits through small gains is undoubtedly better than suffering a sudden, massive loss. 

Just2Trade Conclusion

Just2Trade is among the few brokers in the industry to provide low-cost but competitive conditions to the average trader. Its offerings are extensive enough and it always makes sure that its clients experience the best quality trading experience they can. This is a big deal in the industry since so many brokers have raised fees in the last few years. Just2Trade is among the few to remain committed to provide services to the average investor. 

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