Laughing at Wall Street

Laughing at Wall Street

Review Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing



Chris Camillo’s success in investment reminds everyone that prior investing knowledge is not a pre-requisite to ace the market. With only a developed skill set and an eye in identifying the most viable investment, Chris Camillo succeeded in the field. As he is not a financial analyst of any kind nor a hedge fund manager, he still made it big in the business through wise and appropriate strategies. Back in the earlier part of 2007, he decided to gamble a capital of $20,000 in the stock market, and within three years, it increased to over $2 million. 

Using this guide, readers will know:

  • The crucial role of Facebook friends in the investment called Chuggington and how her stock volumes increased up to 50%
  • 7-Eleven’s casual shopping led to mounting profit in just seven days 
  • How a $1000 worth of investment to Uggs, True Religion jeans, and Crocs led to $750,000 returns within five years 

This centers on the idea that investment should not be as hard and taxing as it is presented in other investment guides. It is opt-out to include highly-complex analysis only to focus on the author’s formulated methods and strategies, putting up the ideology that investment does not need a large amount of money to secure profitability.

About the Author 

Chris Camillo founded TickerTags firm, which predicted the results of British Exit back in 2016. Prior to the establishment of the said firm, he initially traded $20,000, which resulted in a $2,000,000 return in just three years. 

Table of Contents 

Title Page




  • Chapter 1- Eeny, Meeny, Money, Mo
  • Chapter 2- IF It’s Broken, Fix It
  • Chapter 3- Nobody Knows Anything
  • Chapter 4- Other People’s Money
  • Chapter 5- See It, Believe It!
  • Chapter 6- Zero Financial Literacy Required 
  • Chapter 7- You Know Something They Don’t 
  • Chapter 8- You Have People, Too!
  • Chapter 9- Fake it Till You Make It!
  • Chapter 10- Life with Investor’s Glasses
  • Chapter 11- Success Stories
  • Appendix: An Invitation to Wall Street’s Underworld


About the Author