Legacy FX 2021 – Online Brokerage Platform Assessment


An All New Investments Ltd introduced its award-winning trading platform in 2017. Legacy FX, the company’s flagship platform, provides financial services mainly from its head office in Vanuatu. The platform’s unique functionality has resulted in its tight market visibility, and its generous conditions were partly a factor for its growing subscription. 

Clients are provided with a wide selection of markets, and these may be traded through the MetaTrader 5. The integration of cutting edge technologies that safeguard funds also contributed to its optimal service. More so, the company religiously upholds transparency, making it one of the more reliable trading platforms out in the market.

While professional traders enjoy adequate and substantial trading conditions, Legacy FX’s features are inclined mainly to novice traders. It has been helpful in giving a holistic and authoritative learning experience to those with little knowledge about markets. Its objectives also came as an indication of its trader-centered approach as all of its features are engineered to facilitate both the needs of professional traders and newcomers.  

Legacy FX 2021 - Online Brokerage Platform Assessment

Legacy FX Platform Selection 

Surprisingly, Legacy FX’s platform selection is insufficient as it only offers the MetaTrader 5. Feature-wise, it would be a disadvantage to use the MT5 as it is lacking. There are several setbacks that this platform carries including the absence of a hedging feature- a key function introduced by its later version MT4. It also does not support backward compatibility, making it difficult for MT4 users to transition to MT5. More disappointingly, Legacy FX does not provide any third-party plugin for system upgrade. With this, traders are restricted with MT5’s basic version. 

While most traders prefer its later version, MT5 features and tools still guarantee profitability. Some of them are indicators, graphical tools, sophisticated market analysis, economic news, fast execution speed, personalized interface, and Experts Advisors. It also allows one-click trading, which heavily contributes to clients’ overall trade management. These, too, are all available on its mobile counterpart, giving clients the opportunity to trade according to their personal schedule and with an increased level of convenience. 

  However, these conditions still lag behind compared to industry standards, and Legacy FX needs to put more emphasis on how to better this weak point in order to stand on a more competent market landscape. 

Legacy FX Education and Research 

This brokerage firm’s education and research section stands as one of the most diverse in the industry, housing an impressive selection that is divided into four main categories: Real-Time Signals, Regular Market Updates, Weekly Market Updates, and Month-on-Month Updates. The first one holds a button that redirects to the platform’s trading section. The remaining three adheres to the same concept, only that they vary according to timeframes. While the first section renders live data, the rest provides significant analytics for longer-term trading. 

Legacy FX 2021 - Online Brokerage Platform Assessment

Salient Features 

Technical Analysis- This heavily used function offers several subcategories including daily webinars, and comprehensive charts for commodities, indices, shares, and currencies. While it has been impressive in terms of number, its commonly reported crashes beg for substantial system rewiring. In addition to this, its economic calendar and daily feed of related news project the same recurring difficulty. 

AutoChartist- Dedicated mainly to render trade reports and to archive user history, the AutoChartist remains to be one of the frequently used service of Legacy FX. While its interface is not visually appealing and comprehensive, it sure guarantees substantial insights necessary for decision making. 

 Data Analytics- This particular function is an outsourced service from Trading View. It is advantageous for those who use widgets, calendars, and other digital computing devices. However, novice traders would find it daunting to use as these functions were engineered to facilitate the needs of advanced traders. 

 Get Involved 

There are several reasons why Legacy FX continues to see an increase in subscription. For one, its platform is commendable as it offers some of the most ideal conditions in the market. It also houses powerful features that may be used to increase clients’ margin of profitability. While its platform selection came inadequate, Legacy FX ensured that its clients would still get the best offers. These, together with its impressive customer assistance available 24/7, are keys to a seamless trading experience. 

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