Full Maxitrade review: can you trust a brokerage firm?


If you are looking for a broker that uses modern methods at work, we recommend Maxitrade. This forex broker has been in the financial market for only ten years, but has already gained a reputation as a reliable broker, offering to trade both traditional market assets and digital currencies. In this review, we will give Maxitrade information about the broker and you will decide if maxitrade’s reviews are true.

Full Maxitrade review: can you trust a brokerage firm?

Maxitrade Broker Regulation

Maxitrade broker works completely legally. The company was registered by the UK regulator SVGFSA and also has a founding certificate that confirms Maxitrade’s right to conduct brokerage business.

In the course of its business Maxitrade has developed a clear position that meets the requirements of high quality trading, so you can not say that maxitrade scammers. In 2017, at the peak of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the owners of the company decided to improve their platform, giving it new trading opportunities. As a result of this decision, the official website has been updated and a feature has appeared that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies.

Today on the Maxitrade website warning, there is information that the broker is guided by the Banking Secrecy Act (BSA) and FinCEN, which concern financial services companies (MSB). The rules apply business models related to the transfer of funds, denominated in value and replacing the currency. In particular, they can be cryptocurrencies. Not all companies adhere to these principles in their business. Unlike Maxitrade, Agricole Trade received a warning from the polish regulatory body, she had no claims against Maxitrade KNF. Maxitrade also has nothing to do with Maxi Aspen another brokerage firm. Especially when examining the capabilities of our broker, it becomes clear that Maxitrade scam is just a rumor.

Full Maxitrade review: can you trust a brokerage firm?

Innovations at Maxitrade

Maxitrade login starts on the official website, where you first need to register. The trader can then examine all the monetization features in the demo account and only later open the actual account and start trading. After reading Maxitrade broker reviews it becomes clear that the demo account helps beginners feel comfortable trading.

Maxitrade offers its clients not one, but several platforms and applications running on two operating systems:

  •  Android 
  • Ios. 

In addition to traditional financial products such as currency pairs, commodities, stock indices, precious metals, Maxitrade offers trading of various types of cryptocurrencies. Customers can track the results of their transactions directly at the online trading terminal.

Broker’s trading conditions

After reviewing all the details of the exchange in the demo account, the beginner can open one of five types of accounts:

  • A minimum deposit of $250 to $1,000 is available in your “Start” account.
  • A “Silver” account assumes a deposit of between $1,001 and $5,000. 
  • The “Gold” account offers even more possibilities and will be suitable for people who have from 5001 to 25 thousand. Usd. 
  • The “Platinum” account is suitable for more experienced traders. In addition to the possibility of the above-described accounts, an investor who has invested between 20,001 and 50,000 euros will be able to use the accounts. USD, can contact the financial analyst weekly for 2 hours, receive a quarterly trading plan to develop an individual strategy and prioritize the withdrawal of funds. 
  • The most profitable in terms of trading opportunities is the “VIP Account”. To use it, an investor must have considerable trading experience and the ability to deposit more than $100,001.
Full Maxitrade review: can you trust a brokerage firm?

Maxitrade customers can deposit money into any account in several ways: by bank transfer, credit card, as well as through electronic payment systems. At Maxitrade, withdrawal of funds is also simple: the client fills out an application in his account with a mandatory indication of the account number. After the application has been processed by experts of the brokerage firm Maxitrade, the lawyer checks all the information, and two days after the application is submitted, the money goes to the client’s account. Maxitrade has devoted a lot of effort to enabling trading for clients with different financial opportunities.