Nord FX 2021 Review- A Reliable and Optimal Brokerage Platform


NordFX Group is a well-known online brokerage platform that first opened its doors in 2008. For more than a decade of operation and growth, it now serves over 1,200,000 customers from over 100 countries. Its strong market adhesion can be credited to its highly stable wealth management, which offers three criteria that make trading simple and straightforward for investors. It also provides Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM) accounts to completely optimize trading experience and provide an inclusive option not just for traders but also for those who professionally manage trades. 

NordFX is made up of three separate, well-regulated branches in Vanuatu, Cyprus, and India. The company’s headquarters in Vanuatu serves as the regional satellite, from which the majority of clients are served. NordFX India LTD caters to the needs of traders in the Asian region, while its leg office in Cyprus offers distinct and different market conditions for traders in the European Union. 

Nord FX 2021 Review- A Reliable and Optimal Brokerage Platform

Nord FX Salient Functions 

MT4 Platform- This popular trading platform was introduced by MetaQuotes Software. However, as previously said, NordFX lacks the requisite plug-ins to fully use MT4’s capabilities. Its standard platform has also proved to be insufficient, as it lacks key functionality that could be disadvantageous to experienced traders. While certain plugins are made available, premium ones come with an additional fee. But if we are to disregard this setback, the MT4 would still be convenient as it is equipped with automated solutions and open-source algorithms that allow customization, making it the most commendable platform in the retail area.

Account Management- Since trading can be intimidating for newcomers, NordFX deemed it necessary to integrate management support. It offers three mutual funds, all of which charge a 2% management fee and a 35% performance fee. Although all of the available funds have the same fee structure, their investing requirements differ. Investors may choose between quarter-on-quarter and annualized deposits, but early exits are subject to a tax.

Research and Education

The weekly review comes as a beneficial function in this category. This feature includes a concise and detailed summary of the previous week’s activities, as well as a forecast for the coming weeks. MetaQuotes provides additional signals to support its sentiment analysis. More impressively, Nord FX offers a comprehensive collection of webinars that cover a wide range of Forex market topics. All of these videos were created specifically for NordFX and are not available anywhere else.

To say, trade-related videos are tailor-made, specific, and insightful. With beginner guides on basic forex principles, practices, and trading techniques, clients are geared toward a variety of skill levels and mastery. Advanced technical research manuals are available for more experienced traders. Indicators, graphs, fractals, and a variety of other charting techniques are used. They also have video guides if you are still new to the idea of trading on the MetaTrader website. These walk you through the whole trading process, starting from setting up an account up to changing the trading conditions and benchmarks. 

Nord FX 2021 Review- A Reliable and Optimal Brokerage Platform

Related Scheme

If you happen to find all of Nord FX’s features favorable, it is suggested that you subscribe to the platform’s affiliate program. This will then grant additional income through referral commissions and bonuses. With its two-tiered referral scheme, participants are given direct and commission-based rewards from their referrals. Subscription starts by filling up necessary online documents, and after successful verification, clients may now engage in its flexible and favorable program. 

Customer Assistance

Customers can get support from NordFX in a variety of ways. It provides multilingual assistance in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, Thai, and Malay, as it is a multinational trading company. It is not only available 24 hours a day, but it can also be contacted via email, ticket, phone, and, most importantly, live chat.

Get Involved with Nord FX

NordFX still has so much potential left untapped. For example, the absence of additional add-ons is a drawback as clients are unable to fully use the MT4 platform. Another consideration is its restricted asset selection, which are exclusive to retail trading. The MT4 can only be used in its standard configuration and cannot be wired to an electronic communications network. This, together with the absence of its mobile counterpart, hinders traders from getting, if not the best, then an optimal trading environment. True enough, it has so many things left to improve, but if clients look beyond these limitations, they may still find NordFX to be a good option for trading education, protection, and customer service.

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