Broker Plus500 Overview

Broker Plus500 Overview


Plus500 Ltd was founded in Israel in 2008 and had subsidiaries in the Uk, Cyprus and Australia. It is an online trading platform that allows clients to trade a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, indices, binary options, ETFs, Forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Plus500 is also one of the leading Contract for Difference (CFD) brokerage firms in The World with a Good Reputation, which is very important in the commercial industry. Its platform is famous for its simplicity and ease of use. In addition, its website is available in more than fifty different countries and thirty languages, which are suitable for any merchant. This runner has received multiple awards and recognitions for his excellent service.

broker plus500 overview

Is it safe to trade with Plus500?

This is the most important question a client must ask before trading with a potential broker. Plus500 is designed with enhanced security that ensures safe and trouble-free trading. On Plus500, a trader can ensure that this broker is safe and legitimate, as it is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CySEC) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). The Plus500 broker is also publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). This broker never had a problem regarding his liquidity, and always shows solid results. Plus500 believes that its customers should get what they pay for; that's also why your traders don't need to pay any commission because this broker also doesn't need to pay their suppliers.

Plus500 instruments and leverage

  • Forex

Plus500 offers seventy-four Currency pairs CFD for trading. Among the common currency pairs that the company allows trading are EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/GBP. Exotic pairs like SEK/NOK (Swedish krona/Norwegian krone) and SGD/JPY (Singapore Dollar/Japanese Yen) are also traded through the company's platform. Leverage is up to 1:30, but depends on your account balance and experience as a community. The maximum leverage is 1: 300.Trade with a high degree of leverage can have both positive and negative results.

  • Commodities

Plus500 has the widest collection of products available. There are twenty commodity CFDs to choose from. Includes oil, cocoa, gas, cotton, palladium and metals. Rare cattle products, such as cattle and pigs, are also available on the Plus500 trading platform.


These days, trading cryptocurrencies are popular due to high volatility and easy access to markets. Plus500 allows its clients to trade thirteen different pairs of cryptocurrency CFDs. A client can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Crypto 10 Index, Neo, Ripple XRP, Stellar, EOS, Cardano, Tron and Monero CFDs, all against the dollar. The leverage for a cryptocurrency is 1: 2 and a maximum of 1:20.

  • Shares and Indices

Plus500Broker allows its clients to trade with low spreads and a maximum leverage of 1:300. There are over 2000 CFD stocks and 31 index options available on Plus500. When using the broker's advanced trading tools, the gains and losses can be very manageable. This broker also covers famous cannabis stocks as well as binary options, which are not common in other brokers.

broker plus500 overview

Plus 500 account types and registration

There are two different types of Plus500 accounts: the free Demo account and the Live account. The great thing about Plus500 is that your demo account doesn't have a time limit, and it's free for potential customers to explore their trading platform before they start trading. On the other hand, a trader can already open a real account with a minimum deposit of $100. According to its website, the company operates on segregated accounts, which means that clients' cash account is segregated, and they cannot use their funds to negotiate their own accounts. The company does not invest the money of its retail customers and is not exposed to corporate debt. 

Plus500 Account requests are processed online. The customer needs to have an email address and provide a password for Plus500 to log in letters credentials. Plus500 also allows Google and Facebook account on its website. Newcomers must present a copy of their ID card and proof of residence document to complete the verification process. The fastest and easiest way to deposit funds into the client's account is by using a Visa and MasterCard. There are also other options like MoneyBrokers or bank transfer. However, processing these channels takes five business days for funds to be reflected in your account. For Plus500retiros, a merchant must send a photo ID and wait one to three business days. Withdrawals can be made every monthand there is $10 withdrawal fee. The first fiverets are free 

Plus500 Runner Review: The Final Verdict 

There are thousands of runners around the world, and it's pretty hard to choose the best broker out there. The Plus500 broker is one of the leading brokers in international markets and has a good reputation. It offers everything anyone could possibly need to start trading and more. However, Plus500 does not serve traders from Belgium, Iran, the United States, Canada, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, France, Cayman Islands and the Philippines. Apart from that, the Plus500 broker is highly recommended for anyone who wants to participate in the Forex market.

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