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The title of the book stands by its content; Tim Maurer’s “Simple Money” makes everything well, simple. Meant for individuals who tend to stay away from money management due to the lack of confidence—probably because of the actual lack of money management knowledge—the book feels and sounds personal. The author, Tim Maurer, is erudite and well-versed with all aspects of the topic. Seeing it as a calling, Maurer established a career out of flaying complicated financial concepts and turning them into highly-comprehensible and feasible steps toward financial literacy. And to this cause, the book excels.

Through the book, you would be able to:

  • Understand in entirety the values and trajectories so simplify money-related decisions 
  • Smartly budget primary expenses
  • Take out your debt
  • Make crucial decisions on pertinent areas of your life such as your home, automotive, and life insurance
  • Manage risks
  • Come up with a formidable investment portfolio that the world could be of an audience to create a feasible retirement plan
  • Redefine what “wealth” means

Simply enough, through “Simple Money,” money management is made simple. Readers agree that “Simple Money” is straightforward and candid, leaving little room for interpretation—just what you need when managing money matters. Treat it as a beginner’s guide and jump right into the organization boost that your finances need. The reading ensures that you establish control of your financial future.

About the Author

Tim Maurer is a Jack-of-all-Trades. But unlike what the popular saying pictures out, he is definitely a master of one discipline, and then some. He is a speaker and has been in numerous engagements wherein his capabilities as a financial advisor are needed. At BAM Alliance, a group of over 140 financial advisory firms, Maurer is designated as the Director of Personal Finance. He is a contributor to well-known publications such as CNBC, Forbes, Time/Money, and He had also appeared in various television shows.

Table of Contents 





 • Chapter 1: The Gift of Money: Money 101

 • Chapter 2: The Gift of Purpose: Personal Principles and Goals

 • Chapter 3: The Gift of Discipline: Household Cash Flow

• Chapter 4: The Gift of Enough: Debt and Financial Freedom 

• Chapter 5: The Gift of Discernment: Risk Management Decisions

• Chapter 6: The Gift of Security: Life Insurance 

• Chapter 7: The Gift of Certainty: Auto, Home, and Liability Insurance

• Chapter 8: The Gift of Health: Health, Disability Income, and Long-Term Care Insurance 

• Chapter 9: The Gift of Clarity: Investing and Portfolio Management 

• Chapter 10: The Gift of Transparency: Annuities

• Chapter 11: The Gift of Preparation: Tax Planning

• Chapter 12: The Gift of Learning: Education Planning

• Chapter 13: The Gift of Fulfillment: Retirement Planning

• Chapter 14: The Ultimate Gift: Estate Planning Wills

• Chapter 15: The Gift of Discretion: Choosing a Financial Advisor

• Chapter 16: The Gift of Action: Your Plan for Money and Life 


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