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List of Different Developer Jobs

The demand for developers keeps increasing. No wonder the world is becoming more digitalized, and people spend their time mostly online. That’s why it sounds like a great idea to consider a programming career developers will definitely have jobs to do in ten, twenty, fifty years. 

Since there’s a demand among users, companies will keep hiring more developers. For example, WizardsDev has multiple open vacancies for beginners and experienced programmers looking for developer jobs to work on exciting projects. 

But what developer job to choose? Keep reading the article to learn more about various developer jobs and the benefits of working as a developer. 

Types of Developer Jobs to Consider

The list of types of developer jobs is quite extensive. Some employees develop software, others work on creating security systems, and there are people who create games, etc. One can be overwhelmed when trying to choose a specialization.

An important thing to note is that most developer jobs require basic skills and knowledge. But still, some jobs require employees to have specific skills to do the work. Read further to expand your knowledge about different types of developer jobs and their unique sets of skills. 

Frontend Developer

The job of a frontend developer requires them to develop user interfaces, more specifically, the way users see the interface. The code that a frontend developer creates runs on the web browser and on the computer of the user who opens the website. 

The job isn’t related to working with hardware. It’s more about understanding human interactions with the website. The frontend developer should focus on understanding what features would be useful in an interface so it would make users’ experience better when interacting with the website. 

As for the unique set of skills, the job requires experience in UI/UX, VSS, HTML 5, JavaScript.

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Backend Developer

Backend developers work on designing software or systems that work remotely from the user. The backend developer has to work on the functional logic, scalability, and overall performance of the software.

Frontend and backend are connected. The backend part allows the system to work, while the frontend enables users to understand how to use the system. Backend systems are often complex, even though users see a very simple design. For instance, the Google search page is very simple and has just a few elements. But the backend of this page is complex. 

To work as backend developers, you should work with Python, Java, C, C++, Ruby, etc. Also, it is necessary to know how to work with databases and caching, logging, email systems. 

Mobile Developer

The mobile developer writes codes for apps performing natively on customers’ devices, for example, on phones and tablets. Mobile development has become popular only 20 years ago, mainly after the introduction of smartphones.

Mobile developers should understand operating systems like Android and iOS. The set of skills of a mobile developer should also include understanding how to work with Java, Swift, etc. 

Data Scientist 

As the name hints, data scientist developers create software programs to analyze data. Unlike most other types of developer jobs, data science development is often related to statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning. To be a data scientist, the developer should work with languages like Python, SQL, R. 

Software Developer

A software developer designs and builds computer programs. The task of a software developer is to identify consumer needs, build and test newly created software, and then improve the software based on feedback. Software developers often work with Ruby, Selenium, Python. 

Web Developer

A web developer is a person who works in a team and creates websites. Usually, the web developer specializes in either frontend, backend, middle tier, or full-stack development. Web development started gaining popularity in the late 90s with media development when it became common to use the Internet. 

It is one of the easiest options for those who want to begin a development career. To start working as a web developer, a programmer needs basic HTML 5 and CSS knowledge. Several months of working on web development grants enough experience to start producing code for development companies. 

WordPress Developer

WordPress developers work in web development, but they specialize in creating and improving plugins for WordPress. The job also requires a WordPress to administer WordPress sites. To become a WordPress developer, it’s clear that you need to understand how this platform works. Entry knowledge level: understanding the basics of HTML, PHP and JavaScript is also a must. 

Low-Level Developer

It’s a developer whose job is to work with systems and languages that are very close to the hardware of the system. Low-level languages are C and assembly. 

Middle-Tier Developer

It’s a developer who has to write non-UI codes. Browsers run these codes, and they are often talking to non-core parts of the system running on a web server. 

A middle-tier developer isn’t a frontend or backend developer but comprehends a bit of both. But knowing how frontend and backend works doesn’t make the middle-tier a full-stack developer. 

High-Level Developer

This developer works with code that is very far from the hardware of a system. To be a specialist in this area, one must use high-level languages like Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. 

Security Developer

Security developers create systems, protocols, and mechanisms to test whether the software is secure. The task is to find flaws or potential issues to improve the software. They are often called ethical hackers since they attempt to “hack” the system to improve it. 

Specialists in this area must work with such languages as Python and Ruby. They should also understand how the software works to attack it. In some cases, security developers attempt to reverse software systems and engineer libraries to find flaws. 

Game Developer

Game programmers specialize in writing games. Usually, game developers have specific skills and knowledge, but they can sometimes perform other tasks as well. To be a game developer, one must know how to design and implement interactive experiences for consumers. 

As a game programmer, you should know how to use such frameworks as OpenGL, DirectX, 3D, Unity, etc. They should also know how to work with Java, C, C++, JavaScript, and HTML5. As for mobile devices, developers use Java and Swift.

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