SpreadEx Review 2021- A Legitimate Sports and Spread Betting Online Platform

SpreadEx Review 2021- A Legitimate Sports and Spread Betting Online Platform


SpreadEx holds an international status for its spread and sports betting services. It was initially introduced in the market in 1999, and after more than a decade of financial service, it now expanded its scope by adding foreign exchange and contract for differences to its solutions. With its wide selection of financial instruments, it was no surprise that it continues to gain market visibility. Currently, the platform has an impressive following of over 60,000 subscribers, and it was hailed as the leading provider in the United Kingdom.   

spreadex review 2021- a legitimate sports and spread betting online platform

Developments and Innovations 

Since its inception, SpreadEx has been in constant pursuit for innovation and upgrade. The restless integration of cutting edge technology into its platform made it even more commendable. More so, these newly added features guarantee several advantages to clients, making it the perfect resort for anyone who wants to engage in either spread or sports betting. 

What appears to be one favorable function that SpreadEx takes pride in is its one-click trading. As the name suggests, it allows users to buy and sell with just one click. More commonly called as Straight through processing, this has long rejected the use of dealing desks to validate each trade. With this, a rapid and more convenient experience is ensured. Another feature that exudes efficiency is its well-known Speed Markets. With the help of this, clients may utilize fixed risk bets in order to maximize profitability and minimize daunting losses.  

A Closer Look at Sports Betting

While Spread Betting stands as the main priority of SpreadEx, Sports Betting also comes as a flagship service. This claim came mainly from the broker’s effort of incorporating almost all the same features that the world’s leading sportsbook brands offer.  To say, it houses an impressive in-play function that allows clients to place trades and bets simultaneous to a game. With over 35 games available, bettors will surely enjoy this setup far from the taxing work of charting and analysis. 

On top of what is mentioned, SpreadEx offers casino gambling. A plethora of video games, card games, and roulettes await those who seek to take a break from sports and finance-related trading. More commendably, all these are available on SpredEx’s mobile counterpart. As mobile versions reduce the hassle commonly associated with desktop, clients may get extra level of excitement and profitability while enjoying a comfortable trading experience. 

spreadex review 2021- a legitimate sports and spread betting online platform

Account Selection 

SpreadEx has two types of account in its selection. While this set may come inadequate to those looking for larger choices, the Spread Betting and CFD Trading accounts ensure that all trading conditions are provided and demands are met. The only setback that may come undesirable about this setup is the unavailability of corporate accounts. 

For those who take interest in opening an account, they may find the registration process easy and hassle-free. However, the account validation lags behind the usual processing time and may take two days or longer to fully accomplish. The usual information is asked including name, address, and contact details. Complete disclosure of employment status is also necessary, together with pertinent documents including passports, bank statements, utility bills, and identification cards. 

After a successful registration, clients will then be redirected straight to the platform for live betting. From there, a wide array of betting games, casinos, and tradable assets are presented for clients to pick from.

Trading Platform 

SpreadEx’s company-developed platform is laudable for its highly customizable, rapid, and dependable interface. Charting tools, order types, real-time notifications, and reports are available, putting the level of efficiency and convenience ahead of its competitors. More so, it is reinforced by additional functions including trade history, pattern recognition, and automated indicators. Spreadex, in conclusion, has one of the best proprietary platforms in the market as it was developed with the goal of providing a seamless trading environment for both novice and professional traders. 

Get Involved 

Throughout its years of service, SpreadEx consistently sees a massive increase in its following, and it continues to grow as the broker expands its scope. This growing market popularity could be attributed to its overall platform reliability, with its interface, asset selection, conditions, and customer support superseding the standards set by other brands in the market. It comes easy to say that this brokerage firm has met most of the requirements necessary to be a legitimate broker. More so, it has integrated a sense of fun through its sports betting and casino gambling features. 

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