The International Handbook of Shipping Finance: Theory and Practice

The International Handbook of Shipping Finance: Theory and Practice


The International Handbook of Shipping Finance provides insights on how to put into practice the theories and principles of shipping finance. As shipping is considered a multibillion-dollar venture and involves a large number of finances, it is only necessary to have a keen understanding of the matter. Discussions on how to identify and assess capital sources are laid out in a comprehensive manner.

This book made it possible for readers to understand with ease the concepts of business risk management and freight derivatives, financial analysis, and investment modeling, shipping markets, legal aspects and key clauses of ship mortgages, asset-backed finance, marine insurance, mechanisms for handling defaulted loans, public and private equity and debt markets, shipbuilding finance, investment appraisal and capital budgeting, structured finance, debt finance, and mergers and acquisitions. As this is highly technical, texts were put into a rigorous explanation to provide a clearer picture of the market reality. 

The International Handbook of Shipping Finance: Theory and Practice


Manolis G. Kavussanos and Ilias D. Viskivis are both specialists and market strategist that specialize in Shipping Finance. Kavussanos currently works as a professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business. In line, Viskivis currently serves as the director of Executive Education and Professional Development under World Maritime University.


  • Preface by Editors
  • Chapter 1: Shipping Markets and their Economic Drivers
  • Chapter 2: Asset Risk Assessment, Analysis, and Forecasting in Asset-Backed Finance
  • Chapter 3: Overview of Ship Finance
  • Chapter 4: Shipbuilding Finance 
  • Chapter 5: Debt Financing in Shipping
  • Chapter 6: Public Debt Markets for Shipping
  • Chapter 7: Public and Private Equity Markets
  • Chapter 8: Structured Finance in Shipping
  • Chapter 9: Key Clauses of a Shipping Loan Agreement
  • Chapter 10: Legal Aspects of Ship Mortgages
  • Chapter 11: Reasons and Mechanics of Handling Defaulted Shipping Loans and Methods of Recovery
  • Chapter 12: Marine Insurance
  • Chapter 13: Maritime Investment Appraisal and Budgeting
  • Chapter 14: Financial Analysis and Modelling of Ship Investments
  • Chapter 15: Maritime Business Risk Management
  • Chapter 16: Mergers and Acquisitions in Shipping