Tokenexus Review: What You Need to Know

Tokenexus Review: What You Need to Know


Tokenexus is one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges that offer a secure platform to exchange your cryptocurrencies. While the range of crypto supported by Tokenexus is relatively narrow, it offers widely-traded crypto like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Tokenexus Review: What You Need to Know

Tokenexus is a growing crypto that partners with some of the largest commercial companies, including ShapeShift. The latter is one of the leading companies that provide instant global exchange services of digital assets through web and mobile platforms. 

Crypto Online-Wallet

This is one of the services provided by Tokenexus that gears towards their mission of safe and reliable transactions. They ensure protection for all orders executed on their platform with enhanced security measures. The Crypto Online-Wallet is a multicurrency exchange wallet that stores, manages, and provides a platform for exchanging digital currencies. With this app, you can view all your transactions as well as your balance history. There is also a segment for analytics gathered by expert traders. As of the moment, this application is only available in mobile, but Tokenexus is currently working on developing a web version. 

Digital Currencies

The actual number of cryptocurrencies that are currently supported by Tokenexus is 22. You can buy, sell, or exchange these cryptocurrencies on Tokenexus’ platform, these include, LTC, XRP, DASH, NPXS, and WAVES, to mention a few. 

You have the option to buy any of the cryptocurrencies above in your preferred fiat currency. Since prices are automatically quoted in U.S. dollars, you only have to change it in your local currency in the search bar provided. You can also sell your cryptocurrencies on the Tokenexus platform as long as your currencies are among the ones mentioned above. Lastly, you have the option to exchange your digital currencies with any of the ones listed above, provided that both are supported by Tokenexus. The exchange or the transaction is usually simple and quick so you don’t need to worry about being hassled. Plus, Tokenexus employs high-grade security standards so you are guaranteed a safe transaction until you store your cryptocurrencies on the Crypto Online-Wallet. 

Tokenexus Blog

On its official website, Tokenexus has a page filled with articles on cryptocurrency investment. These articles range from cryptocurrency mining, choosing low-consumption GPUs, creating a Bitcoin Paper Wallet, mobile crypto mining, choosing an ethereum mining hardware, picking the best crypto exchange, investing in cryptocurrencies, the uses of Bitcoin and blockchain, and cryptocurrency forecasts for the next coming years. 

Tokenexus Customer Reviews

There are several Tokenexus reviews by well-trusted firm reviewers where even clients can leave their Tokenexus customer reviews. The rating for the Tokenexus firm rates it as a mid-tier, with some investors giving it five stars out of five while others gave a lower rating. On TrustPilot’s official website, Tokenexus earned a rating of 3.8 with two reviewers stating that transacting with Tokenexus was favorable and that everything was in good terms. While both reviewers gave a 5-star rating, Tokenexus’ TrustPilot grade remains at 3.8. 

Other client reviews have high regards for Tokenexus, often quoting that their customer service is excellent. The terms and conditions before anyone can begin using the exchange on Tokenexus are also strict, with each prospective investor needing to pass the KYC verification before they can begin investing. Once the client has been verified, he or she can now withdraw cryptocurrencies from his or her wallet. There are also limits to the clients’ daily withdrawal levels and Tokenexus’ 24/7 live customer chat support can help them with anything they need. 

Tokenexus Review: What You Need to Know

Tokenexus Scammers and Other Issues: Is It a Safe Crypto Exchange?

Many companies suffer from bad press and it normally happens in a highly competitive industry. Some companies may receive bad or unfair ratings caused by tight competition, while others are rightfully rated for the services they provide.

Trading conditions may vary from one company to another, but they have the same basic services. The ratings they receive are gathered from various clients and reviewers who base it all on each individual aspect of the company’s services. Some of the key indicators are: efficiency and accessibility of the trading platforms, lower/higher trading fees, range and costs of trading accounts, access to research, education, and analytics, and overall security and transparency, among others.

Tokenexus hasn’t been in the industry for that long, which also means that it does not have as wide of a client base as other cryptocurrency exchanges. This is evident in the fact that Tokenexus’ offered investments of instruments are limited when there are over a hundred cryptocurrencies in circulation today. Because of this, you can also rarely find Tokenexus reviews; most of them are only customer statements or comments sprawled all over the web. This Tokenexus review may be one of the few. 

While Tokenexus’ client base is still relatively small, it has a decent reputation among its clients. Most of Tokenexus customer reviews give only positive feedback and commendation on their transactions with this company. Tokenexus has not been accused of any fraudulent acts or scamming allegations. The absence of accusations against Tokenexus scammers is a good indication that this company is reliable in trading cryptocurrencies. Several reviewers also claim that Tokenexus is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that offer premiere services, starting with lower fees and competitive tools and features. They also employ high-grade security standards, especially with the KYC verification process for all prospective clients. Their existing clients are more than satisfied with their services, which is a good starting point for an exchange that is still in the process of growing. 

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