TradeAllCrypto Overview

TradeAllCrypto Overview


Tradeallcrypto crypto broker is an emerging brokerage site in the crypto community that aims to be a reliable and up-to-date cryptocurrency broker of service to traders of all skill levels and backgrounds. It parades two functional, user-friendly trading platforms coupled with favorable trading conditions to provide positive trading experience to crypto traders. 

TradeAllCrypto Overview

Tradeallcrypto Review

In this Tradeallcrypto review, we will scrutinize the broker’s serviceability as a young crypto broker and look into its offered set of trading conditions and tools. We will also take into consideration the broker’s built reputation in the brokerage community by assessing some Tradeallcrypto customer reviews. Lastly, we will give our insight into the broker’s legitimacy as a brokerage site.

Official Site

Based on its statement posted on its official site, Tradeallcrypto crypto broker is operated by the international financial holding company named TradeAllCrypto. The company sees itself as an innovative cryptocurrency broker as it utilizes modern trading platforms to provide convenient and profitable trading to its clients.

Tradeallcrypto crypto broker also boasts on its site milestone figures in its crypto brokerage history. It claims to have at least 150,000 active traders capped with 170,000,000 successful trades in its 5 years of brokerage service. Aside from its profile by the numbers, Tradeallcrypto is also proud to display its claimed advantages over its competitors. These advantages, according to its official statement, include a facility for individual training program, high platform usability, an array of webinars, and fast withdrawals. 

In addition, Tradeallcrypto’s official site has a dedicated page for a compilation of current financial news to keep traders abreast of the latest trends and updates in the business and financial sector.

On the downside, Tradeallcrypto has not displayed on its site any certification to prove its regulatory compliance with any financial regulatory body in its jurisdiction.   

Account Registration 

Signing up or registering an account with Tradeallcrypto entails a few easy steps. The basic personal information including full name, contact number, email, mailing address, country of residence, and password are the only details needed to complete the registration. The identification details will further be verified before the trader could proceed with funding the account. 

Account Types

Tradeallcrypto offers a wide range of account types for traders to choose from. Each trading account has a required initial deposit that ranges from $250 to more than $100,000. Also, each account type has a set of features and conditions relative to the value of the initial deposit amount.  

Here are the offered account types of Tradeallcrypto:

Start account – trading under this account starts from funding $250 up to $3,000. Account openers will get a welcome bonus as high as 50% of the initial deposit and access to the standard procedures in withdrawing funds. A platform introduction is also a part of the privileges under this account type including access to analytical and educational materials for crypto trading. This is a good package for beginners.

Silver account – having more than $3,000 up to as high as $10,000 as initial deposit, users can opt for this account type. Account openers will be rewarded with a 100% welcome bonus besides all the features of the Start account.  What’s more, users will have a personal financial analyst to assist them to make sound trading decisions.

Gold account – leverage your deposit fee of up to $50,000 to a 120% welcome bonus with this account type. Withdrawal requests made by Gold account users are beyond the standard procedures including all the features under the Silver account. Another special condition or benefit of Gold account users is a weekly session of individual review of trading account with a sound financial analyst.

Platinum account – if you can fund within more than $50,000 – $100,000, give this account type a try as you get as much as 120% welcome bonus. Withdrawing from your funds wouldn’t also take that long as you are given top priority when you send requests. More perks await you as you are given a quarterly session of trading plan, personal trading strategy development along with the features and conditions under the Gold account.

VIP account – providing more than $100,000 initial deposit, you can open this account type and get as high as 150% welcome bonus. All the features of the Platinum account are accessible under this account type plus some more advantageous conditions. These include screen demonstration of real-time trading and a set of VIP hedging tools. 

Trading Platforms

TradeAllCrypto Overview

Tradeallcrypto offers two options of trading platforms for its traders. The first one is the industry-popular MetaTrader while the other is the unorthodox Xcritical. 

The broker features the Web Terminal version of MT4 for traders who want to trade on-site and are not into the complex installing of software and programs. The site’s Web Terminal comes in the standard design and interface. 

Meanwhile, the revolutionary Xcritical platform provides more options for trading as it operates in several versions across all devices. The traditional desktop (Windows or Mac powered) trading is plausible as well as on-the-go or mobile trading. Xcritical is both available on Android and iOS devices and is equipped with an array of trading tools, built-in indicators, charting tools, and fast trade executions. 

Trading Tools and other Features

Aside from the two platform offerings, Tradeallcrypto is also powered by a set of innovative features and infrastructure on its official site which consist of economic calendars, market news, market reviews, spread table, and trading trends.

Funding Methods

The broker offers some of the popular funding options for clients such as WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Maestro, and Bitcoin. Deposits and withdrawals are under terms and conditions that are stipulated on the broker’s official site.

Tradeallcrypto Customer Reviews

Another important aspect of this Tradeallcrypto review is the valuation of client feedback. Unfortunately, we are unsuccessful in finding any Tradeallcrypto customer reviews online. 

In this regard, it is fitting to say that it is high time for the broker to allow its clients to air their feedback to foster transparency of service. This way, traders can boost the broker’s reputation and integrity as a crypto broker by highlighting their top-tier offerings and features. In the same manner, traders will be able to express dissatisfaction with the service of the broker which in turn, will help the broker improve its services. 

Tradeallcrypto Fraud

Is there truth in what others call Tradeallcrypto fraud? This last segment of the Tradeallcrypto review will tackle the controversial claim about the broker circulating online. 

As you might have noticed from the earlier portion of this review, the broker seems to have good promotional offerings to its clients. This is one of the “good” things about being an unregulated broker. Since they are no under compulsion of adhering to certain regularities in terms of leverages and client rewards, unregulated brokers tend to offer higher incentives. 

If we look at the disadvantage of trading with unregulated brokers, the risks of losing your investment due to some deceitful schemes are at a higher level. However, traders complaining that their brokers are a scam are mostly the ones whose account balance turns zero. This is no different from Tradeallcrypto being tagged as a fraud. 

If there’s one thing to note, though, it is best if the broker will assert its legitimacy as a brokerage firm by flaunting a certification of regulation under a reputable financial regulatory institution.

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