What Readers Can Expect From PowerTrend Review


If there is anything that can be said about newcomer, PowerTrend is that it offers one of the most notable trading software in the industry today which is the xCritical. Not only is this platform intuitive and therefore easy to navigate, it offers a wide range of helpful trading tools including trading signals, advisors, and access to multiple asset markets. The trading community lauds this platform for its efficient function and the continuous development.

But of course, this is not the only thing that we can commend about PowerTrend. While relatively young and has yet to prove itself in the trading industry, the firm is already in good terms with a number of online traders, alluding their favor to the asset classes, leverages that are pegged for such, its provision of MT4, and the live accounts that can be opened through the brokerage.

In this short review, the over-all competencies of the firm will be tackled at length. The review emerges from weeks of having to administer trades through PowerTrend, looking closely into the assets that are allowed to be traded and the tools that help out traders of all orientations. The review team is rendering this review to help out the common trader looking for other brokerage options and the company itself to get more media mileage.

What Readers Can Expect From PowerTrend Review

 What You Need to Know About PowerTrend

While the name probably won’t ring any bells, PowerTrend has actually been around for quite some time. It was established back in 2013. And while it has yet to disclose what financial authority sanctions all its trading activities, fact of the matter is, no negative user remarks, testimonials across different platforms had proven to be glaring, let alone, exist.

Assenting to what it claims on its official website through its own experience with PowerTrend, the review team had seen only safe trading conditions with the firm. But we must stress that for one to really reel in users and avoid unnecessary complaints from netizens, it would be smart for the firm to submit itself to a review with a financial authority so as to solidify its position in the trading industry. But with or without the regulatory body, the members of the team agree that the trading conditions that the firm fosters are decent.

What Readers Can Expect From PowerTrend Review

What Traders are in For

The Assets That Traders Can Access

PowerTrends provides access to multiple trading assets namely, Foreign Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Shares, Stock Indexes, and Commodities.

These instruments are numerous especially if we look at the Shares that traders are allowed to trade. The indexes that are available amount to 11. The commodities that PowerTrend provides its clients are a mix of Energies, Agricultural Raw Materials like sugar and corn, metals such as gold, platinum, and silver, and a number of Animal Raw Materials like seafood, cattle, and meat, among others.

PowerTrend also provides a modest 45 pairs of Foreign Currencies which clients can access for 24 hours for 5 days. These do not have any commissions and provides tight spreads. These currencies include, the USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, to mention a few.

The Accounts

Opening an account with PowerTrend is easy and done electronically from start to finish through the PrTrend official site. The firm allows for the creation of three (3) types namely, the Mini Account, Standard Account, Gold Account, and Platinum Account.

These of course differ in offerings in accordance to the fee structures that come with it as specified within the PrTrend Website.

The trading capital range that PowerTrend has stem from $500 to $35,000 depending on the type of account that the trader chooses to open. As it may already be apparent, the range toward the more sophisticated accounts, is costly. But as the members of review team concurs, the offers endemic within each account make for justifiable costs. As this is the case, the review team recommends that the trader thinking of signing up with Forex Broker PowerTrend, choose amongst the live accounts with great scrutiny so that he or she would be able to come to a sound decision of which account to create so as not to sabotage their own savings.

The Trading Platforms Provided

As already mentioned, the brokerage provides the xCritical platform which is deemed by the trading community to be one of the best software to ever come out. The review team thinks that the platform is wholly efficient in that it allows for the trading of the most-traded assets through competitive fees. The trading tools are numerous and are entirely user-friendly. It is no surprise that xCritical is preferred by 8 out of 10 traders in the industry.

PowerTrend had also enlisted the help of MetaQuotes to provide MetaTrader 4 which, as many can attest, is one of the most noteworthy trading software in the market. This is of course in light of its functions specifically through the tools that it provides such as the Technical Indicators, advisors, and the many add-ons that it makes available to give traders superb trading conditions.

 Customer Testimonials

One of the things that are notable about PowerTrend is that it offers two of the industry’s most loved trading platforms. MT4 is probably one of the best things to ever come out of MetaQuotes’ business as it provides optimal trading service through an easy-to-use interface. I am an experienced trader, but I observed that MT4 does make it easy for both tenured and newbie traders to trade through the software. xCritical is equally reliable, I would confidently say that it comes second to MT4, if not equal it. But all in all, my experience with the firm is one of note. There were initial losses, that is true, but all these were offset by the earnings and the pleasant trading conditions that PowerTrend was able to provide me with.

Timothy Brand – Long-Time Day Trader

Diving head first into trading with a young brokerage felt like I was bound for a head injury. Fortunately, PowerTrend is client-centered. Never have I felt left out or left on my own devices when making my first trades. From the platforms to the access to the different asset markets, PowerTrend is able to give me the best of trading scenarios. I am grateful for having been able to find PowerTrend. All the power to PowerTrend!

Ivan Turgenev – Entrepreneur

What Readers Can Expect From PowerTrend Review

 Power Trend Scam?

To answer that question circling in everyone’s head, there is little to no evidence that PowerTrend is a fraudulent entity, let alone a company that scams its clients. PrTrend reviews that abound the net speak well of the brokerage’s services.

So is PrTrend cheating? Most definitely not. For what it’s worth, it is a firm that traders can completely trust.

 What We Can Take Away

All in all, the services and the trading atmosphere provided by PowerTrend are completely favorable and friendly even to novice traders. The trading platforms that the firm makes available are highly competitive in light of its tools and functionalities.

The assets for trading are also numerous, making for greater chances of profits and more well-rounded investment portfolios.

As these stand, the review team recommends traders to try their chances with PowerTrend.

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