XCritical Introduction

XCritical Introduction


Equipped with innovative solutions and services, XCritical is an advanced online trading platform for modern-day forex and crypto traders. It serves as the traders’ gateway to numerous online exchanges to generate liquidity. It also provides access to a crypto wallet, introduction to a crypto payment system, and a custody solution altogether.

Discover more features and functions of XCritical to boost your forex and crypto trading assets and skills by optimizing its full potential as a solution.

XCritical Introduction

This writing will shed light on XCritical as a forex/crypto trading platform and its offered solutions in the online trading realm. In essence, this serves as an XCritical review to give readers insights about XCritical’s performance as a trading platform, know what clients think about the software through customer reviews, and critique the platform’s legitimacy and functionality to either boost or bust its critics’ claims.

XCritical Background

XCritical official site is replete of everything it boasts about itself but its background. The only business information about the tech firm is the experts manning the software. Some of the names include Vladimir Gamza, Chairman of the Committee for Financial Markets and Gild Hod, Director of Premium Holding, Ltd.

Not much about Xcritical’s business information was disclosed except for the Board of Experts and its business address, indicating its headquarter is situated in Cyprus.

Xcritical is introduced as multi-dimensional, dynamic solutions for online trading. It features advanced software programs for forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, and analytics. As a powerful trading platform, XCritical claims to have a user-friendly interface, a wide range of trading tools, risk management features, integration of XCritical products, and strong enforcement of trading transactions.

Some other critical facets of XCritical as an advanced trading platform are its accuracy and speed – having the capacity to operate at a maximum rate of processing tons of data, functionality, and security.

This Xcritical review will not also be without the mention of its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This system enables platform users to effectively store trading data. It also possesses enabling features that simplify traders’ transactions. Some of these are:

  • Maximum control of processing deposits;
  • Flexible integration with other platforms (including the MetaTrader);
  • Convenient and streamlined functionality;
  • Manage access levels; and
  • Security

Some other solutions under XCritical’s forex trading include Affiliates Management System (AMS) and XCritical trading platform.

XCritical’s Crypto Solutions

XCritical Introduction

Moving on with our XCritical review, the tech firm also takes pride in offering products for crypto trading. The XCritical Crypto Exchange is tagged by its developers as a secure and high-speed platform. This platform connects its traders to over 30 popular crypto exchanges. It also supports mobile trading for traders who are on-the-go. The platform also boasts its modern design, lightning-fast execution, and integration with CRM.  

Another crypto solution developed for XCritical users is Crypto Wallet – online cryptocurrency storage or wallet integrated with a cryptocurrency exchange. This app allows users to send, receive, and store digital tokens including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. 

Crypto Wallet has its salient features including a high level of security, transaction templates, transaction history, balance history, and currency quotes.

Lastly, the Crypto Payment System is designed to facilitate payments for goods and services using crypto coins. The system can be embedded in a system with minor changes. The Crypto Payment System is easy to use, safe, and profitable. It supports major crypto coins including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Binance coin, ethereum classic, litecoin, ripple, ethereum, beaxy, and stellar.

Another XCritical product for crypto trading is Custody Solution. This is a cryptocurrency repository for business. It works similar to a bank account as users can store, receive, and withdraw crypto tokens. 

With these infrastructures for cryptocurrency trading, XCritical users will have almost nothing to take care of but to trade. 

XCritical Customers Reviews

After getting a rundown of XCritical’s unique features and solutions, we now go to XCritical reviews to shed light on their experience using the firm’s products. 

Highlighting his satisfaction with XCritical, Peter wrote:

“I have been working with the Xcritical platform for 2 months. I used mt4 before but decided to try another one because of the broker and small problems with the terminal itself.

Xcritical is still thrilled. It works instantly, even a little faster than mt4. He quickly changed to a new design, how to make deals figured out in a couple of minutes.

There were questions about setting up analytics, the broker, unfortunately, answered slowly. Turned directly to Xcritical, respond slowly – turned to lunch, waited for an answer until the next morning. At the same time, everything was explained clearly.

The consultant also helped to deal with the analytics bot. Now I know how to find all the necessary information on the platform.

Now I use the services of the broker Maximarkets. Found on xcritical website good video tutorials on the platform.

Now I’m dealing with the stop loss function. There was no need to use mt4, so there is nothing to compare with. Thanks to video tutorials from a broker, the learning process is quick. From tomorrow I plan to start using it with might and main.

In general, I am satisfied with both the broker and the platform at 9 out of 10.”

[Retrieved from https://info-forex.ru/#comment-3]

This customer feedback indicates XCritical platform’s fast execution and efficiency, enough to negate other XCritical customer reviews that say otherwise. 

Let’s have another customer review in focus.

“I use the services of the broker Maximarkets. Before that, I came across fraudsters and lost most of the earned cryptocurrency, so the second time I chose the broker with all care. The first thing that immediately caught my eye was the convenience and speed of the platform.

The broker himself and its technical component did not deceive expectations. Maximarkets works on two platforms at once. I decided to choose the one that was positioned as a platform for beginners – Xcritical. The description said a lot about detailed analytics and the ability to make deals in one click.

After watching the video tutorials, I thought that it would not be possible to figure it out. There is a lot of information, so little is understood. But directly on the platform itself, the process went very fast. In an hour, without the help of managers, I could make transactions with ordinary currency pairs and exchange cryptocurrencies.

I really like the design of Xcritical – everything is comfortable and pleasant to look at. A lot of bright colors, they highlighted everything that is needed.

I am very pleased with the platform and the broker.”

– Sergey, 6/25/2019

This attestation points to XCritical’s ergonomic interface and easy-to-use platform along with various trading tools. It also speaks volumes on the streamlined functionality of XCritical that is at par with other modern trading platforms.

XCritical Introduction

XCritical Cheating

Since XCritical is new to the financial-technological industry, particularly to online trading, it also experienced the inevitable – drawing false claims and fraudulent remarks, as some say, “XCritical cheating”, “XCritical scam” or “XCritical scammers”. But no one can say that he was scammed by XCritical.

The firm’s functionalities and solutions actually contain measures to counter fraudulent acts and money laundering. With this in mind, maligning claims from entities remain baseless unless proven. For XCritical’s part, full transparency is one crucial aspect that it has to foster as it offers trading solutions to traders.

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